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What happened?
What happened is the f-{{REDACTED}}
something to do with
it's all my fault guys
Fucking Incredible
Fucking Incredible
Facepunch be like
custom css label:before, strong:before {   content: "{{"; } label:after, strong:after {   content: "}}"; }
Go nuts. *:before {   content: "{{"; } *:after {   content: "}}"; }
can anyone explain what the fuck
So are we ((globalists)) now??
all that happened to my knowledge was NeatNit accidentally broke the thread JSON by using two sets of curly brackets which caused the forums to go down
I made a reply to another thread, and I put "{{REDACTED}}" somewhere in the post. It broke the forum, you couldn't see any post in that thread or post a new reply. I guess this thread was testing what would happen if that text is put in other places - thread titles, forum titles, etc.
well no but it did make any thread he did it in inaccessible, and instead just display as being totally empty and missing any posts
This is actually rad as fuck
Yay, they fixed the {{REDACTED}} !
So, if this going to be Meta's permanent name now?
{{i can't understand your accent}}
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