• converting WAYWO megathreads to forums
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Garry says he wants to do something about the WAYWO megathreads and possibly turn them into forums. Some are concerned that doing this would destroy the whole established "culture" of the current WAYWO threads. The main concern people have seems to be if you just simply make a forum and tell people to post threads for what they're working on, people would feel uncomfortable because they don't think their WIP content deserves a thread. But this concern is based on the idea that Garry will simply just make a forum where you have to make a new thread for your WIP content and not do anything else about it. The values I see in a WAYWO thread as opposed to a typical forum is that each post is equally viewed by everyone and not hidden behind a title you have to click. When you have to make a title for your thread, you are kind of forced into thinking of a way to get people to click on the title. When the content is not something you're not entirely sure about yet, this can be very discouraging. One solution could be to make the WAYWO forum behave more like a typical social media feed where each post is like a thread, except expanded, without a title and a comment section. I think this would make things a bit more organized as you remove the need to quote posts and instead you "comment" on the post/thread instead. A forum like this could also solve the issue of posting 1 post just before the last page. As for highlights, we could instead move to having weekly highlights where the top rated posts are in a different sort of view in the forum. This removes the human element of picking the best posts and will make things a bit more fair I guess. (I'm not so sure about this idea)
I had original envisioned it as thumbnails, like browsing youtube/pornhub.. but the facebook style is a really good idea.
But then the forum is just facebook... why not just leave waywo the way it is? We're happy with it.
While it's important to make FP grow up and change, it's also important to keep the stuff people like. There's a reason I go to FP and not other sites.
I think simple user blogs would solve some megathread issues. There can be some simple feed for new blogs to gain exposure, maybe tagged/categorized by forum, then after that people who want to follow your would-be WAYWO shit will instead follow your blog. I guess this is pretty much the same shit, just layed out/labelled a little differently.
I think this misses part of what makes WAYWO good (imo): The reader doesn't have to think about if they want to look at something, all content is simply presented to them in a flat format. suggestion, while better, still has this problem in part: Comments on a WAYWO "post" (thread) still have to specifically be sought out (by opening the thread), rather than simply being part of the stream of WAYWO content. There's also issues to be solved in terms of sorting WAYWO threads: If they are ordered last post, then the same WAYWO thread (that could be huge) you've already seen might keep being put at the top, hiding other--unseen--WAYWO threads. One solution might be to have the ability to mark the OP of each WAYWO thread as read, which would collapse the OP in the thread list. Another option is purely sort the WAYWO subforum by thread creation date, though that could result in new comments being missed as a result. It's also worth noting having to manually mark WAYWO threads as read (since one doesn't need to view a thread to see the OP) is just an additional step--additional effort--for something that happens automatically with the current megathread approach. --- More generally, it seems like changing WAYWO from a flat threaded megathread into something else just makes it harder--more clicks--for the user to view the WAYWO content and makes it easier for them miss some content. Though, on the other hand, it does allow users to skip over content they aren't interested in; perhaps that will be better in the long-term for actively (since I don't doubt some are driven away by not being able to easily filter out stuff they aren't interested in), but I view that as a loss. The fact that everything was just there and you had to read--to some degree at least--the parts you might not be actively interested in is a plus to me, because it effectively forces me to expose myself to topics I probably wouldn't seek out even if it was just a click away. I also wonder what impact splitting WAYWO into a bunch of separate threads will have--regardless of how it's conceptually displayed--on the other natural discussions that spring up in WAYWO. It would be ashame if those died out and WAYWO become more or less purely about posting what one is working on. Perhaps having a pinned "WAYWO general discussion" thread in the WAYWO subforum would help keep that part of WAYWO alive. --- Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I haven't actively followed WAYWO in some time. I don't truly know why. The reason I suspect is because actively in WAYWO had declined, and the way I use FP is to just visit forum sections and look for the "X new posts" thing by topics I'm interested in, and it eventually didn't become "worth it" to check the Programming subforum. I've found that the same thing has happened with the GGD for me. However, it could equally be that the very points I'm arguing for in this post subconsciously drove me away. I honestly don't know.
Do it Facebook style with all the comments collapsed below. Then have an option to uncollapse them all by default for a vanilla feel. Keep everyone happy that way.
I'm not sure if we're visioning the same thing here. Here's a very rough sketch (i'm using gimp and copy pasting from screenshots so i really can't be bothered to spend more time on this, but hopefully it gets the idea across) (just imagine the second picture is a different thread) So in the WAYWO forum this is what you would see in a long feed. This would put more focus on the content rather than the discussion around it, but it's still possible to have a discussion, it just wont get in the way of the content people post. Also you'd see less blue quotes everywhere as you reply directly to a post.
I really like this idea. You could also make it look like Steam's community page.
This layout definitely makes better use of screen space. Although it can be difficult to get a sense of post order from this.
WAYWO is now codepen.io but for everything else
Do you really need a post order though?
I wouldn't think so if you're immediately seeing a number of most recent posts and/or replies. If a thread is popular enough, it'll stay on top just like any other forum, leaving the less popular ones to move their way down the forum. And new posts would obviously be put on top for viewing. Honestly it's no different than how a regular forum operates, it's simply changing the way the forum is displayed. Instead of having threads with titles to them, you could instead have a thread with an image as the title (ie. someone's WIP). Similar to how reddit works, but please make it so that clicking the image links to the THREAD and not the whole image itself. That shit is annoying on reddit, having to click the "comments" button below the actual thread.
Maybe the order isn't important when it's just 3 posts but another issue I see now is the size of the post is random. I think if you want to post images and whatnot it's nice to have a consistent layout.
Maybe have a mode that sorts by best posts of the month or by time like normal?
Post size being different isn't a big deal, if you've ever been on Pinterest or Tumblr they work like that. I'd say keep it sorted by creation date or date of last edit, and make it bannable to make small edits for the purpose of keeping it on the top
I just thought of something - what if each forum was integrated into Discord? Move chat threads into the official subforum discord channel.
isn't it already
And what about for anyone who doesn't feel like installing yet another piece of software just to chat with people in a similar manner to that which they previously could do without that extra software?
not that i think it's a good idea but discord works fine in a web browser
I think the idea was that when you write something in a particular channel in discord it will be posted in a thread as you (and vice versa?)
Oh, no. I was saying literally replace the chat threads with Discord. Place a link to the channel on the home page and forum page.
That would still require me to make a Discord account though, would it not? Why should I make an account on a totally different service just to join a chat thread that should have been a part of the forums to begin with?
Well, if you're going to force me to answer, then I have to say tough. You aren't entitled to a million page chat thread on a forum. It would be nice to integrate chatrooms into Facepunch so they're still connected (perhaps sharing member info like bans and stuff), while also moving that type of content off of the forum itself with no downside other than you needing to get an account on Discord.
Regardless, there's no reason to move the threads off the forum: you're just adding an extra step for people to view/share their content for little to no gain. How would WAYWO benefit from Discord's features?
This ironically is the definition of discord. It's also sounds really shit
So move a significant part of the forums off the forum, requiring you to have an account on a totally different service, and fuck you if you don't want to use that service. Doesn't sound totally unreasonable at all.
If you really don't like that, you could alternatively expand upon IRC with always-online connectivity like IRCCloud and just use that instead. Make it so everyone's automatically registered via NickServ and have a webchat client that simplifies everything.
Still just sounds shit and stop thinking about it
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