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Not finished with this, but here's a proof of concept.. Stuff You've Made The idea being that some forums will default to different view modes (this one is ?view=thumbs). Might be a good idea for photography forums, screenshot forums etc.
Pretty neat, one suggestion I have which you probably already thought of before is having the post text content appear while hovering over the thumbnails.
That could be done in a different view mode
That's really awesome. Def gonna be super handy for the photography forum.
Would be even more neato if the author / OP's avatar and name is visible for each thumb
Will there be more than one thumbnail size available?
There already is, but it seems to only do the last two images/threads on a page in the wider size (adding ?view=thumbs to the end of the url). Anyways, looks great!
Just wanted to say that I like what you're doing with the forums, looking forward to seeing this in its final form.
absolutely, some people post multiple stuff maybe their header gets picked instead of their actual artwork/photography
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