• Mobile version does not function correctly
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So I have been using my Iphone 7 plus to use the new forums since the GMOD forums were moved over. I tend to mostly browse the forums on my phone and so I've noticed that a ton of functionality is completely broken on the mobile version and since I didn't see any reference to this on the Roadmap I wanted to make sure you were aware of these issues. First thing I noticed is that the notification dropdown never loads notifications, it just sits their spinning indefinitely. Somewhat similar issue is that I can't rate anyone on the mobile, when clicking any of the rating icons nothing happens. Also I can not edit any of my posts once posted, nothing happens when I click the edit button the cancel button does work however. Same thing happened when trying to upload and image from my phone. It seems like any time something is supposed to change without a route change it is completely broken on my phone. Has anyone experenced any of these issues on their mobiles?
I don't have the "not loading" issues on my Android device, but the interface is terrible.
I only have one real issue when browsing and posting from my Nexus 7 tablet. That issue being that once I make a post from the tablet on a fairly regular basis the post wont actually have anything in it. It will post an empty post. Because of this I make sure I copy any posts before I post them when using my tablet so that I can hit edit right after and post the text back in and hit save. Now once I hit save it is random as to whether or not it will revert to blank again or keep the text. Can take three or four tries sometimes for it to save the text. Other than that the only other thing that bothers me is that I cannot see my level progression or percentage to next coin. Granted I rarely look at these anyway but it would be cool if useful info like that displayed on your profile page. Cannot think of any other issues off the top of my head. I only browse on my tablet during breaks at work.
i'm pretty sure garry is not focusing on mobile right now
Getting a list of these things together is definitely useful
As an iPhone 6 I can verify op
Android 8.1.0 Oreo, Nexus 5X, Chrome: Reply quotes cannot be deleted if they are at the start of a post, which they usually are. Smiley cannot be deleted if they are at the end of a post (note that be default, a space is inserted after the smiley; this only becomes an issue if this space is deleted). In general the WYSIWYG editor doesn't seem to like mobile.
Glad to hear that it can be useful for you! I just noticed that I can't past links into the box from my phone. Still can't edit my main post so I hope that you see this.
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