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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1/217568ca-5aaf-4abc-89f2-263d853e092c/Overwatch 02.07.2017 - I hate this design. I hate dark designs. I'm gonna probably switch us back to a light theme by default.
Why not both and make it optional?
Why not one
What do you think "by default" means?
dark themes sucks except discord's dark theme
Smash that like button
I'm using a light theme anyway, dark sucks, sorry. For me, dark themes are for IDEs / other programs only, not for websites. It doesn't work well for many pictures since they have white backgrounds. I don't know if that's a real argument but it's an opinion at the end of the day.
Most pictures have white backgrounds? Which ones? Usually you either have a photograph or a transparent picture, or just a colored background
I really dont care about the design, the system in the backend is the only important thing to me to be honest...
You care about the design don't you
shut the fuck u fuckin returd
No, actually I work on a oldschool design ala windows 95. ;)
I propose Hot Dog Stand as the new colour scheme. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/111798/e769f82e-ec5e-43ce-b5a2-1fac87db1315/image.png
If you make the white a sort of dark green, you could relish it up. ;)
Honestly, do what ever. It is your site. It is not like there are some twats providing dark themes anyways. I honestly would prefer 2 official themes, but that is just me.
I personally find light themes extremely uncomfortable on the eyes, I get enough headaches from the bloody work I have to do on computer screens. You'll do as you do, fair 'nuff, there's always custom themes.
Please don't burn my eyes dad
light hurts my eyes too ;_;
I actually have the opposite issue personally. My eyes are really sensitive but since most sites use a light theme I just calibrate my monitors accordingly. In contrast when a site actually does use a dark theme it's really painful on the eyes when I move on to a site without a dark theme.
nah i like it, i really hate light designs, if you want to make it default go ahead, but please keep this design as an option
Yeah, I have a script that will change all bright background colours in css to their inverse just because white backgrounds kill my eyes
yo garry you should just base the default design off of the Awfully White style that those one dudes made, it's almost 1:1 with OldPunch anyway
good one
I work nights and need as many dark themes as I can get for my retinas. If it's not dark by default, I'll just theme it anyway And no, f.lux is awful for extended browsing
^this. f.lux on mac is bullshitty...
have you tried turning off your screen?
My point exactly
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