• how do you level up?
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I would like to know.. It seems random...
No. Not Random lel. It has a System, but it secret! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/145200/7aecd433-bb10-4e22-ad05-b9f734d740aa/grafik.png
Super simple, you start by grinding low-level mobs, and do some quests matching your level. Then when you have leveled up enough, you start raiding, and get the super cool purple-tier gear like me, @Sam , @aeeh and @WheatleyMF . Notice how our level is shown in purple, and your is not? That the gear that does that. Now go on on your adventure!
you dont
what do you mean?
True answer: you gain levels by being an active forum member. Things that will raise your level: Posting every day Engaging in meaningful discussions Being a valued forum member Things that will not raise your level, and in fact will get you banned: Spamming, or posting just for the sake of gaining levels Being an asshole The algorithm for leveling up is hidden intentionally, but you can see your progress by hovering your mouse cursor over your current level (desktop only, can't check on mobile).
i seem to get coins and level up just by browsing the forums every day, not even posting
I'm just fucking around. Look at Neatnit's post, that explains it. Don't hesitate to look at the help page: Help
It IS random We are trapped here for so long we don't even know!!!
I think each action you do gives a random value for xp. Also probably for being active and cheeking new messages on threads you gain some xp
give me a coin and you'll level up eventually
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