• Big Update
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Heads up, a big update is coming in the next few hours, things will be a bit unstable during the transition.
I like the background image
Is that background image one of MaxOfS2D's Earthbound Fortress maps?
it's so... bright ;_;
yeah it is, I was only using it temporarily but it grew on me.
Oh boy this design kinda reminds me of the old 05~09 one.
This looks a lot nicer than the last time I checked. Cool cool.
Avatar backgrounds are cool as hell
We all really appreciate the great work! Keepit up!
This is so much nicer now, I can actually see myself using this. Any ETA on when the complete switch is going to be made? Because of the forums I frequent being segmented I tend to just abandon the ones on here.
Its so bright... my eyes
Good catch, put it on my todo
You should change OldPunch's gmod section redirects to use forum.facepunch.com instead of gmod.facepunch.com. The latter is rather unstyled right now
Can clicking "Facepunch Forums" also send you back to the homepage? I keep clicking it expecting it to be a link.
GMod site is looking good https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/497/92dc25cc-de60-4890-a715-43e3ee8be5a4/image.png
Will say it looks a hell of a lot nicer when using the wide setting but theres a few issues with odd bits of text colours, the quote text that says who posts for example is impossible to see. Not sure if its a cache issue or just something at the moment, also not so keen on the dark background with the main forum area being bright tones. Just my two cents currently, liking it so far though, as said its got a bit of a nostalgic feel due to how the design pulls from past elements.
what the fuck it actually looks good genuinely really surprised
Looks awesome.
Why does it feel like it is a little washed out somehow??
Looking good
this is new facepunch hooray
@garry Clicking on the username and then profile throws a 404 error, same with search
pagination is a bit wank, no last page button, but there is a first page button
looks nice w0w
Looks neat BUTT: I am personally not too keen on the borders everywhere, especially the user post header. Not sure how it could be done better tho. Event log on the left looks kinda too bulky. Perhaps the text could be shorter or more icon usage, also why not rename "in a few seconds" to "a few seconds ago"? Perhaps the event log on the left sidebar can show stuff only from selected subforum if you are not on the main page? https://forum.facepunch.com/f/gmoddev There is NO navigation at all on the top
How do I skip to the first unread post on a thread?
I love you
now if only getting larger avatars werent such a slow wank to do
nah borders are great, fuck all this flat shit all the time
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