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Hovering background stuff is cool and all. It's really smooth. Is there any way of migrating your old Facepunch account into Newpunch or is that feature in planning/worked on/canned etc..?
I managed to cock up, is it still possible to use my account from the previous facepunch? I'll miss my gold name and join year if not
Just checking so that I'm not the only one, but mobile view is broken. This might have been an issue before the update went live, my apologies if so.
works on chromium (steam) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/ac5ec6db-906d-4129-b390-c16e99decf30/image.png
ah, just had to do a SHIFT + F5 to refresh things. working now
Should be set in the shop, click on your gold.
Why is there like size 35 font text telling me how long ago a thread was made when displaying threads? Does anyone care how old the thread itself is if its the active thread, and if they did why would they care to know from the thread list? Why is there so much empty space that serves no purpose around the size 35 font text that serves no purpose?
Does patches(addresses) changed too? Stalker Mega thread is missing( https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1553642 ) or forum is still transfered? Legacy Account Migration
Garry might need to update the legacy thread support https://forum.facepunch.com/f/games?legacythread=1553642 would be the URL when it works
so this is the new forum huh? cool
Well I guess it's time for me to make super long posts just so you can see my background. Because I didn't realize there'd be so much space above the head, RIP.
Was the trick for me aswell. Thats hot shit :O!
Since you've made yours, does it need to be exactly the dimensions listed in the shop? I'm having some aspect ratio issues and I can't get it exactly. Just wondering if that will be a problem if it's slightly bigger.
when are we gonna get PM support and the ability to thumb images?
This is why I shifted mine so far up.
How do I get my user back from the old forum?
Loving the new boards, Garry.
I made it the exact, yea. Might as well since it lists the requirements, y'know?
Yeah the forums are currently extremely broken on mobile for me.
It will take some getting used to but i think i can live with it. I will miss my 80 x 160 avatar for a bit, for sure.
just wanted to be safe before I pulled the trigger
Way better.
Wow, this changed a lot since last I looked. Actually looks like an upgrade from the old design. Genuinely impressed. My biggest issue are some of the ratings. Some seem redundant, some seem kinda' niche and others are kinda' unclear. I like the addition of Lucky, Good Idea, Big Woop. Bad reading is useful. Bad spelling feels like clutter. Cookie also feels like clutter. I like the idea of a cute, but the image itself really isn't that cute. Honestly just looked like an Australia rating. Sympathy doesn't look that sympathetic. Doesn't necessarily even look sad, could just as well be someone in a state of pleasure. The snowflake rating and baby rating seem like they would serve the same purpose. I don't like the lack of dumb. Asshole fills some use cases, but it doesn't cover when someone says something stupid. If someone says something irredeemably stupid I don't want to have to rate them disagree or asshole, when I neither disagree nor necessarily take issue with their politeness. At very least add in some kind of ???/Wut rating. Child molester also feels like clutter. Save for very specific news articles it's not clear what rating a post Child Molester is meant to mean, nor is the image particularly clear as a child molester. Coins and diamonds don't really invoke the same feeling as winner did. Marking a post with a coin doesn't really mean anything. Marking a post with a medal is pretty clear. Also it would make more sense for them to be together, and preferably after all the standard ratings. I'll be interested to see if having to earn them gives them more weight though. Also, on the subject of new ratings, I feel like if there was a single rating this forum could have used it would be a Creepy rating. Informative used to serve that purpose, but good idea doesn't translate as well and Child Molester is too specific.
Reminds me of the good ol' days. Nice one.
I like the new theme.
Tap the number below the rating. It takes a second to transition and expand.
Click on the number below the rating
noticed that my avatar background purchase went through but it's just a gradient https://pred.me/pics/chrome_2018-03-15_16-00-36.png those of us who wasted 20 coins on that, do we have to purchase it again to correct it or?
Maybe but I personally noticed it pretty quickly, rating with ratings other people have used also works.
why can't we just have a list button like normal people.
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