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Because of our recent migration status, people may want to have a central place to ask questions and have them answered here at our new location. If you have questions, please ask them here. You may also suggest any question/answer combos that should be in the OP here so we can begin to develop a new FAQ about the new forums. Remember to be patient during this process. The forums may be slow in the first few hours/days of our migration in order to accommodate the influx of posts being transferred over. Thanks for your patience.
Q: "why does it say i don't have an account when i try to migrate" A: "make your newpunch account with the name you want, and then migrate"
greetings newpunch, I'm honored to meet you
Is getting 50 coins the only way to change my Username? I misunderstood how the migration worked and thought that when I migrated I would get my old Username.
What will become of the old facepunch.com domain? Will it just redirect here or will it have like an archive of sorts
Q: "how do i post images" A: "just paste the url into the text box" Q: "what if i want to embed a twitch stream or a youtube video" A: "paste the url into the text box"
I just want to emphasise that the migration isn't just taking the old posts and placing them into the new database, it has to convert them to the new format too. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57978/bb9e6478-6c11-4160-be00-a620b91e57d3/busyday.PNG It takes time to convert millions of posts.
So far all I really want are two things: Popular threads list, and an auto refresh script.
I do have a question: Why?
The old forum literally had one foot in the grave and had been dying for several years, don't think it's really a surprise that a change was needed also vbulletin sucks dick
vBulletin was a bandage mummy on life support. The forum backend was literally held together with duct tape. This was long overdue, really.
Easier integration into Facepunch produces and using something that isn't a big old turd.
oldpunch was based on vbulletin4, but heavily modified by garry and he didn't get licenses for newer versions. migrating to a newer version of vB would have been nearly impossible, but it was time to update forum software, so garry's been custom writing his own forum software to meet the needs of FP for the past few months, and here we are
Just to clarify, the whole coins/XP/level stuff increases by doing 'stuff' around the forum, right? Posting, browsing and rating, but nothing else?
The system behind the old fourms was shit and broken
currently, yes. my understanding of it is that there will never be any monetization of coins to avoid real money gambling issues.
Because vB is a pile of wank.
there you go, you're almost all the way there already
When will posts migrate over?
Feel free to copy some stuff from my thread and then retire it as you see fit. Welcome aboard, migrants!
coins seem silly but also there's so little to do with them that they're just sort of a fun gimmick atm. will we ever be able to buy titles with them?
I gotta say, not needing a password is some good shit. Also, transfer process was super smooth for me, you guys did a decent job. Still miss old avatar size though.
How do I increase the number of threads visible in a subforum? GGD cuts off at threads active an hour ago, it's awful.
I know that fp_read most likely won't make a return, but will the ticker? any word about that?
You might want to link to this: Help Page When will the rules (if there are any, that is) start getting enforced? Forums still look like a shitpost haven and nobody knows if any cleanup will be done.
Q: Why? A: Security and speed of the website namely, consistency and better integration across all websites Facepunch uses, and room for more customisation for forum features in the future.
Don't get me wrong, I will get used to this, I guess, but the complete and total migration happened in half a day. Also if anything the only thing I will miss is the Ticker, it was a useful feed to see new threads and mentions, all updated in real time.
So far you get notified if somebody rates your post, it would seem. But it would be good if the ticker came back in some form.
rules are starting being enforced generally right now @Pascall and @Asaratha have already started deleting a metric shitton of shitthreads in SH.
Thanks. Rules are beginning to be enforced today.
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