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My point is that nobody kicked up a fuss when [Event B] occurred regardless of its creation. You clearly misinterpreted my point if you think that's what it was.
It was a fairly blatant attempt to poke fun at those complaining about the title of the transparent theme. The last three posts in that thread should tell you all you need to know: wow i cant believe you named this cracker punch this is highly offensive it's like when I'm at the store and someone says cracker instead of saltine like come on dude you know how hurtful it is to be called a cracker just call them saltines Edit: BEING CALLED A CRACKER IS COMPARABLE TO BEING CALLED A NIGGER Hey um op im actually white and um im gonna say that your dumb for using the word cracker once and it dsnt matter what context you use it in um this is offensive to me so um could you like remove this or change the title to something better like PleaseDontHurtMyFeelingsWhichAreHurtByLiterallyFuckingAnythingNegativeSaidAboutMePunch ? 👏 DON"T 👏 RUN 👏 CRAKERPUNCH 👏 SCRIPTS 👏 IF 👏 YOU 👏 AREN'T 👏 A 👏 CRACKER 👏 THAT'S 👏 CULTURAL 👏 APPROPRIATION 👏
I'm not entirely sure what point you're trying to make to me here. It's a joke thread, I perceived it as a joke thread, and I did not complain about it because I don't really care either way. The people I'm referencing as "kicking up a fuss" are the ones who have been complaining about Trannysparent and the hypothetical "Niggerpunch." I personally could not care less that either Crackerpunch or Trannysparent exist. I think the people complaining are overreacting to something that has already been beaten into the dirt at this point though.
All I ask is for such things to not be tolerated. That's all. There seems to be a big double standard in regards to dealing with transphobia vs other prejudices on FP.
wow you're totally unaffected by something that doesn't affect you, congrats, now can you please grow some sympathy and understand why trans people JUST MAYBE POSSIBLY PERHAPS might be upset by the use of a transphobic slur, and especially so when people like you are rushing to excuse it as an innocent joke??
something being a joke does not excuse how hurtful it is. Being the punchline to jokes gets FUCKING OLD.
We don't tolerate transphobia. I remember banning a lot of OG gold members when they were abusing Lithifold for being trans As already stated, we cannot change the thread title. We will change it when we can.
I wouldn't call putting in my two cents after multiple pages of the same people complaining on the original thread, and multiple pages of the same people complaining here as "rushing" to anything. And to say a racial slur doesn't "affect" someone is a pretty loaded statement there. I just choose to not let it hurt my feelings and look at it for what it is, a joke.
You're defending the title, but regardless a resolution has been met. I suggest you try to look at things from other people's eyes.
it obviously doesn't hurt you because you're not the butt of said joke
Imagine if "[WitheredGryphon's real name] eats gorilla dick" became a common joke or a hot new meme. Everywhere people talk about how you eat gorilla dick. It'd be funny, right? It would, you'd laugh along, and you'd be right to do so. Now imagine hearing that meme every day for years and years and years. Might lose some of its humor? Might start to feel like an oppressive force in your life? You might start to absolutely fucking hate that joke? That's how we feel about tranny jokes or "lmao traps are gay ebic xd"
I think this is a pretty dumb thing to ask of someone. Regardless, hypothetically speaking, as I've said before I literally don't care. I'm sure everyone's been bullied at some point for an extended period of time in their lives, but some people learn to cope with it and others continue to let it hurt them. Obviously I'm in the former group. Regardless I'm not going to continue arguing this moot point since, as Nookyava has said, a decision has already been made.
So offensive jokes of any kind are okay because the butts of those jokes should toughen up?
There is so much disgustingly wrong with this statement that I don't even know where to start. What a disgusting spitting in the face of those that deal with mental abuse, physical abuse, and trauma from their peers and family. Many of these people are no longer with us today because of it. Holy shit. I have no idea where you left your heart but you sure have an empty cavity in your chest where it used to be.
Yeah, by the way, you know bullying causes people to kill themselves, right?
Are you for real This isnt innocent jokey jokes in a standup, this is our goddamn lives it's hard to just "toughen up and get over it" when your identity is treated like a fucking joke
All I want to put out is that you're legitimately just making the argument "Well everyone else has to cope with it so stop being a special snowflake". Life doesn't work like that. Grow up.
Is it really that hard to not make fun of people though? Good for you that you're tough and don't care what people say about you, but whats so unreasonable about not wanting to be made into a joke
It wasn't even a good joke tbh, it was just p much "trannies amirite lol".
Is the rule still in effect where asking for specific citations in Polidicks requires the other party to produce those citations when making extraordinary claims?
I get that if you don't have a drop of hatred in your body, it feels really weird that people say you can't use certain words when you know you don't intend any actual harm with them. The problem is that not everyone is you. There are plenty of people who will talk with sincere hatred about "tranny faggots" or "nigger chimps" or whatever else. And when that kind of language is normalized, the people in those groups constantly have to wonder whether people are just being ironic memelords or expressing actual resentment. Because a lot of the time they're indistinguishable from each other. Say whatever you want with your close friends, but when you're in a larger community you have to think about the effects of what you say.
fp is a transpositive community, a safe space amidst rampaging online transbiggotry. trans-kin is a protected class of fp, pls do not bully them !
get a load of this guy
i feel like low effort gold member shitposts are more protected on fp than trans people but sure
I know you think you're joking, but if FP was a more notably trans-positive community where trans people were not bullied, many people would benefit and nobody would lose out. The idea of "protected classes" in an online community is quite silly, however.
This is a really good example of what I mean. This is the kind of person you attract when you create a safe space for edgy tranny/nigger jokes. I would rather have a board full of 'triggered snowflakes' who can actually carry a conversation than a board full of smooth brains who can only respond in copy pasted 4chan and r/the_donald spam. idk, maybe that appeals to you though, to each their own.
Can we fucking not?
Ah yes, a prime example of newpunches fleshed out mod tools
Literally right on the roadmap at the top of your screen: https://i.imgur.com/JIVpfHR.png A lot of it just isn't finished, just what's needed to be functional. And there's obviously stuff not listed that I assume is being worked on (e.g. thread title changes).
Bet you felt really proud coming up with this one. You should call up everyone you know and share how you roasted a bunch of people!
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