• The spotify problem?
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About 2 years ago I started paying for spotify premium after pirating and ripping cds for years. Since then I feel like the music I listen too has stagnated. It wasn't all at once but what I listen to is shaped by the ease of use that spotify offers. I was look at my music library saved on my computer a little while ago and realized that I hadnt't listen to some of favorite music in over a year just because it wasn't on spotify. I haven't listened to Tool, Blind Guardian, King Crimson (also not on YouTube), 3 inches of blood, ect. TLDR: Anyone else notice streaming services changed what you listen to?
it's a bullshit sign of the times.. thats why i stick with physical media.
I eventually wound up with a similar problem with Pandora. For a long time it was a great help to me finding new bands I liked and discovering genres I previously knew nothing about, but after a few years, it just feels like it never plays anything new anymore. I find myself making constant use of the "I'm tired of this track" button but still almost never hearing anything new.
I'd say its opposite for me. I am discovering more and more new bands from Discover Weekly.
Exact opposite for me. The scope of what I listened to was so small until I started using Spotify, since then I've gotten into a ridiculous amount of genres I'd either never heard of or previously thought I didn't like. So yeah, I don't listen to the same music today but in a good way, and certainly not because Spotify doesn't have what I used to listen to (it does).
sometimes i have trouble finding downloads so i just listen to it on spotify like neo wax bloom, or something wild by Radiator Hospital. on the other side i do listen to exmilitary a LOT less
I think that Spotify and the like spoils us a bit. It's great for discovering new genres, artists and tracks in general but due to the ease of access to pretty much everything, it kinda takes the joy out of it. It's harder to appreciate what you've found or what you currently listen to because you can just as easily find another track by not even trying (generated playlists, search, social). I find the problem compareable to gigantic libraries of games. Back in the day when you only had a few games to pick from, you'd spend so much time in these games and extract so much more joy from them. Nowadays, if you're sitting on a Steam library with over 500 games it's incredibly difficult to sit down and play any of them since the sheer amount of games can easily overwhelm you to the point of analysis paralysis. Spotify, in my opinion, can ultimately leave us taking the music we find for granted. With such a vast library it becomes much more difficult to enjoy what you have because you can always find something new. So you find something new, listen to that, find that cool, but eventually you've heard so many songs that you begin to see the similarities between them. Once that happens, its hard to ignore. At that point it becomes incredibly difficult to enjoy music like before because you've heard so many tracks up to that point that most of the new stuff you find is going to be similar one way or the other. Novelty dies when music is as available as it is today. I loved Spotify to begin with but nowadays I barely listen to music anymore because I can't for the life of me find something that is "new" even though I'm constantly finding new tracks. It all sounds the same to me now after listening to so much music earlier.
pretty much this. spotify's let me check out things i've previously been too lazy to hunt down, and i still use musicbee for artists/albums that aren't on spotify. if i've stopped listening to anything i used to listen to a lot, it's very likely because i've gotten pretty bored of it, and there's always the option to go back and check them out again
I'm so terrible at paying my internet bill on time that being dependent on streaming is a big no go for me. I feel for anyone stuck with what Spotify has to offer though, woe is me when I'm looking for anything remotely niche and I realize I've been paying premium for months only to be stuck with a disgusting remaster or best-of album instead of the album I was looking for.
The difference for me is that music is infinitely more accessible than a game. I have so many games too, but the reason I don't play any is because its takes a couple minutes to start the game and like 30 minutes minimum to figure out what is going on, how to play, where you left off, etc. Any time I feel like Im just skimming through music and not finding anything that catches me, spotify lets me easily go back and re-listen to some of the albums that I love again. I've found a ton of music and groups on spotify, but I listen to the same albums I listened to years ago regularly.
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