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What colour theme do you use for your programming? I'm trying to find a light theme that I like but it's proving difficult. Color Themes I'm currently using this Github inspired theme, though I'm not a huge fan, hence the thread.
80's Tomorrow Night, Zenburn, and elflord. Something about Solarized bothers me.
Default visual studio
I used to swear by Solarized but it turns out that everybody has a different idea of what Solarized should be. I like Sublime Text 3's Solarized but since I use Atom, I use Base16 Tomorrow Dark.
If it's dark by default and has no green text then I will leave it alone, if not replace all green with pink and make it dark if it isn't. Job done.
I used to use one of GitHub's various color schemes but they've changed it this, so it's hard to say which one it was. I've never been a fan of dark themes but I'm currently using One Dark Pro.
I use dark themes. I had a visual studio like theme for notepad++ once but I lost it, RIP
Ok this has singlehandedly switched me to a dark theme for the first time in forever. I've also made the switch to Rider, I think IntelliJ is just better at IDE's and it pretty much does everything as well if not better than VS when it comes to C#. https://github.com/yurtaev/idea-one-dark-theme/blob/master/settings.jar My Android and Desktop Monogame projects build on it with zero issues.
visual studio dark theme
Aristocat for Sublime Text 3
Default Visual Studio Code. However in both PhpStorm, WebStorm and Sublime I use a dark theme.
Visual Studio Code. Panda Syntax Theme with Bracket Pair Colorizer Extension and Fira Code font.
I want it but I can't find an intelliJ version.
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