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  • [url]http://resourcepile.com/[/url] just something I whipped together last week, had no idea where or if to post it, but I've never actually noticed there was a programming forum, awesome! Anyway, basically a paypal integration experiment for auto-VIP on winsaucestudios.com but yeah, it works.
  • [QUOTE=jaybuz;16805900]An upload site? Cool?[/QUOTE] An experiment? Yes. Also yeah session money, why login!
  • You don't need to login, is my point, it's all managed per-session really. As I said, an experiment ;)
  • [QUOTE=Senney;16826356]You can complete an upload with 0 files. Probably wanna fix that.[/QUOTE] Yeah I noticed, I will. Also, I removed all the paypal shit, it was just for me to learn paypal, it's meant to be like uber-simple so now it is. Also, 500MB is plenty anyway, I expect. I'm also going to install uploadprogress on the server and have it nicely update the progress. Fucking cpanel is annoying to install it with though.
  • Then don't install it with cPanel. [quote=Info]We are 100% anonymous, files are never linked to specific users/computers[/quote] What makes you so sure that your hoster doesn't log access?
  • [QUOTE=DrDaxxy;16856206]Then don't install it with cPanel. What makes you so sure that your hoster doesn't log access?[/QUOTE] We are the host.