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Just something I've been writing for the past while, it's basically a do everything command line package of little tools, It aims to do alot of different things but only do each to a basic level. [B]Features[/B] - Creating a empty file - Creating a empty image file - Creating a checkerboard image - Writing out a template to a filename - Escape a string - Modify a C# project file to build in the solution directory - Print all readable strings from any file - Compile C# - Prints types and members in a .Net DLL - Copy's a code file to a template directory - Adds a code file in the template directory to a C# project [B]Special Thanks[/B] Thank you NorthernGate for the name [B]Source[/B] I am distributing this file for now using my Dropbox public folder, if this ever becomes a problem I will move it to a Github project or something. Source File: [URL]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2014606/util/util.cs[/URL] You will need to compile this file to use the program, if your not sure how to do that then you won't find any use in this. [B]Bugs[/B] - Currently all switches are handled though one big switch statement, calling methods. I will be moving this to reflection and attributes once I have some free time. - The types and members script will fail under quite a few different circumstances - There is a couple windows specific things and i'm not sure if it will run on mono, I will try and resolve this when I have a chance. [B]Below this is just dribble of stuff I want to add to the project[/B] [B]Ideas[/B] - Simple HTTP Server - Just serves all web files from the working directory - Zipped Templates - They will be decompressed into the target path - Encryption and Decryption - Just more as a toy then anything else - Zipping - Quite a nice thing to have on the command line - Hashes - Empty and Junk Files - Something that would be useful for some reason - Regex
You just gave me the ultimate list of tasks i can use to finally learn C++, thanks [IMG]http://sae.tweek.us/static/images/emoticons/emot-allears.gif[/IMG]
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