• AnyHub 1.3 for iOS
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I just finished, tested, and submitted AnyHub 1.3 for iOS! They are some major changes and I am sure most people will appreciate them! [code] + Sexy Retina-Display compatible Graphics and Icons (Including icons for iPad!) + Multitasking support! Run anyhub in the background! - Bug Fixes [/code] Requires iPod Touch or iPhone with iOS 3.1 or greater. CONTENT! The new retina-display icon [img]http://cl.ly/c2ada69e7bc87896f5b0/content[/img] The new retina-display background [img]http://cl.ly/79726fe8c4e7e30309d8/content[/img] Special black icon in the black icon pack ([url=http://cl.ly/eea1b8088a2f105d67d6]WinterBoard download[/url]) [img]http://cl.ly/f26d9c9346cb4b28a09d/content[/img] Facebook: [url]http://www.facebook.com/pages/AnyHub-for-iPhone/127740543943037[/url]
Very nice
Update: It supports multitasking! I quicktly thre it in after realizing I could use 4.0 SDK features and still have it work on 3.1!
[IMG]http://imgur.com/QcYGc.png[/IMG] this is spam. stop it.
What is this app for?
[QUOTE=Mogadishu;25069230]What is this app for?[/QUOTE] Uploading to AnyHub.
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