• Those window things that follow you
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You guys know those window things that follow you as you scroll on a page, like an add or a thing to show you how much your current build for a computer costs? Firstly, what are they called so i can google them, and secondly, if anyone feels like it, can you tell me how to make one? Thanks alot :)
You can either do it in javascript or use a css property. position: fixed;
Could you explain a bit better please? I know nothing of CSS.
It's usually positioned with CSS, but there are also various methods to this. If it's animated (Like it has a delay and slowly scrolls with your scrolling) it's usually modified with javascript. I won't get much deeper into it though.
Usually done with css as everyone said, but they are almost as bad as iframes in terms of annoyance. Try reading a blog with a fat sidebar hanging over the text. Not everyone has your screen resolution lol. And even if the smallest resolution viewing your website is 1024x768, that user may not maximize their browser. tldr; css fixed positioning. But don't use the shit, its annoying. XD
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