• Today marks my first year of programming!!
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  • Today exactly one year ago I started on my path of programming. I came to Facepunch asking for help figuring out how to begin programming and then I was on my way. It's been a very odd path since then but I am incredibly happy that this hobby of mine has yet to die. For this entire year now programming has held my attention and when I felt right it was a guarantee I would be working on a game of mine. I still don't have anything great to show, I thought I would have some stuff to show quite a while back but this was during a time where I overestimated my ability to handle decently sized projects. Now I have a keen understanding of my skill set and get better at programming whenever I do it. I spend my time now working away on a game of mine, this one is sorta personal for me so I doubt I will show it when it's finished but after that I've already got an array of ideas and inspiration I hope I can show to Facepunch someday. I am not the greatest programmer (in fact I am mediocre in many respects, but I know where and know how to improve) but I am always improving. I remember always having the drive to want to make games but like most people I had assumed this is what big companies do, and without proper schooling it's not an option. It was only till one day that I had been looking over Facepunch that I noticed the programming section. It caught my attention immediately and showed me that getting into this sort of thing without schooling is completely possible. I honestly doubt I could ever thank Facepunch enough for that. Had I not seen this sub forum I would not be programming right now. Instead I would be the same old me except with a bunch of ideas that I would be unable to bring to reality. Actually, given how large and positive an effect programming and game developing has had on my life I probably wouldn't be the "same old me". I have learned new things about myself and become a smarter individual. That's a pretty great feeling. I may not post much on Facepunch in the programming section (I'm not the biggest forum poster) but that doesn't mean I don't hold you guys in high regard, because I definitely do :). I owe the beginning of this long journey to Facepunch. All of you sparked a fire that has been burning strong for a year now and I don't see it slowing down any time soon. Programming has ended up filling a very large hole in my life and no words I could say, ever, could let you know how much this means. Thanks guys, without you I wouldn't be here today. Without you guys I wouldn't be feeling as fantastic as I do at this exact moment. (the thread that started it all [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1087748-Would-I-be-making-a-mistake-starting-with-Python?p=29770380[/url])
  • show us your work it sounds like your saying you googled programming a year ago, and decided you were one, congrats bro programming king!
  • [QUOTE=MrTwicks;35933784]it sounds like your saying you googled programming a year ago, and decided you were one, congrats bro programming king![/QUOTE] That's what I did(but more than a year ago)
  • We all think we're going to have amazing things done after the first year. Hope you continue with it.