• Configuring localhost Apache on Windows to include PHP on WinXP
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  • So I've installed Apache 2.2.15 and PHP How is the http.confd file supposed to look like if PHP is located at C:\Program\PHP ?
  • [QUOTE=Crhem van der B;21809459]Why not just install WAMP which does everything for you?[/QUOTE] Didn't know about it, I'll try it now. Thanks.
  • No. XAMPP is overkill. WAMP is all he needs. [url]http://www.wampserver.com/en/[/url]
  • The only problem I have with wamp is it fucks up apache and I have to constantly reinstall it. On every version, and every computer I've used it on.
  • Got the site here now: [URL="http://armandur.zxq.net"]http://armandur.zxq.net[/URL]