• Open Source map with user customized and submitted markers
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  • Hey, I am not entirely sure whether or not this should go here or in QTDNTOT. But I am going to go out on a limb and post it here. I have practically no knowledge in web development which might result in me posting this question here being frowned upon. But I assure you I am doing this entire project to learn, and I need somewhere to start. What I want to make is a street map on which every user can place markers. The markers are supposed to have customizable information which displays when clicked upon. The user selected information is supposed to consist of: Two drop-down menus, coloring of the marker and perhaps a text field with extra information. The markers will also have different time limits based upon choices made in one of the drop-down menus. The map should also be limited to an area, which can not be modified by the user/users. I have looked in to OSM but I currently have no idea where start. Now, I am not requesting this done for me, I want to stress this. I just really need some advice on how to get started, and while some snippets would be nice I don't expect anything more than advice. If you feel you need to know the contents of the drop-down menus and what the purpose is I will post it, I just feel it isn't very interesting to post right now. If you feel this doesn't deserve a thread I'll ask a mod to remove it and post it in QTDNTOT.
  • You could try doing it with google maps and using the resources [URL="http://econym.org.uk/gmap/"]here[/URL]
  • [QUOTE=rookwood101;35760737]You could try doing it with google maps and using the resources [URL="http://econym.org.uk/gmap/"]here[/URL][/QUOTE] At first glance this looks exactly like what I need! Thank you. I will take a more thorough look tomorrow.
  • I Have been working on a similar project and along with the Google API I would suggest using a jQuery plugin called [url=http://gmap3.net/]Gmap3[/url] that uses the Google maps API easier than using the API itself. (if you're not familiar with [url=http://jquery.com/]jQuery[/url], its a javascript library that is very simple and powerful) with Gmap3 you can use your database to to show all your locations on a map, plot distance and even directions. I have plenty of resources on this subject as I am now just about ready to officially release a site where users can save locations based on interests. I have more info if you want more.