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[url=http://stabyourself.net/nottetris2][img]http://maurice.gmod.de/title2.png[/img][/url] It's Not Tetris! [img]http://maurice.gmod.de/Not_Tetris.gif[/img] Basically it's a little like tetris except with a twist. Instead of normal Tetris rules you have to stack as much shit as you can without reaching the top of the screen. No, you can't clear lines. Includes oldschool graphics, music, sounds, and new physics. It's written in lua with löve. [url]http://love2d.org/[/url] CONTROLS! Menu controls are arrow keys and enter. Left/Right - Move block Down - Let block fall faster A/S - Rotate block counter-clockwise/clockwise Enter - Pause Esc - Return to menu [B][highlight]=================================[/highlight][/B] [url=http://stabyourself.net/nottetris2][B]DOWNLOAD HERE![/B][/url] [B][highlight]=================================[/highlight][/B] [B]IF THE SOUND BUGS OUT ON YOUR MACHINE, I'M SORRY. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT, IT SEEMS TO BE THE ENGINE'S FAULT.[/B] Best advice I can give is to download [url=http://love2d.org/]löve[/url] yourself and then run it from [url=http://stabyourself.net/nottetris]source[/url]. (drag the .love file onto love.exe) ^also allows you to run it on linux and osx. MORE SCREENSHOTS! (game is actually double size) [img]http://maurice.gmod.de/title.png[/img] Look at that awesome mspaint created title. [img]http://maurice.gmod.de/meh.png[/img] I'm bad at this. My record is 34. Now go play and post your records.
Erm. Ok. 29 :smug: Could you get and z/s shape and make a nice icon for a dock? Nevermind I'll do this myself.
oh dear god what this is a nightmare
What happens if you do actually get a line?
A nightmare for everyone that has OCD.
[QUOTE=Loli;23475423]What happens if you do actually get a line?[/QUOTE] Nothing, I assume.
Yay for physics.
[QUOTE=S1N1337;23475513]Yay for physics.[/QUOTE] Physics make anything better.
[QUOTE=Maurice;23475561]Physics make anything better.[/QUOTE] I bet it uses the Source Engine.
31 :keke:
[QUOTE=Errorproxy;23475623]I bet it uses the Source Engine.[/QUOTE] :doh:
[QUOTE=efeX;23475758]:doh:[/QUOTE] :colbert:
I'm gonna test this on wine.
I would suppose the whole WAYWO thread approves of this already :3
~nvm fixed~
Protip: The absolute maximum theoretically achievable is 45. But I'm pretty sure even getting to 40 is practically impossible.
I had a bug or something. The first few notes of the music kept looping.
[QUOTE=Eternek;23476014]Am i doing it right?[/QUOTE] What'd you do? edit: Nevermind I know. I'll fix that.. edit2: uploading fixed version.. done.
Actually, the sound sticks really bad.
[QUOTE=Maurice;23476077]What'd you do?[/QUOTE] Pressed enter before i got to the game over screen. I wanted to quick-restart the game, guess it isn't supported.
Looping music, really annoying
[QUOTE=Eternek;23476106]Pressed enter before i got to the game over screen. I wanted to quick-restart the game, guess it isn't supported.[/QUOTE] What you did was pressing enter with music off. It then tried to pause a music that wasn't even defined (music number 4). [QUOTE=bull3tmagn3t;23476145]Looping music, really annoying[/QUOTE] select "off" or deal with it. original tetris had that too. Also I can't tell what's wrong with the music, it works fine for me.
this looks incredible [editline]08:41PM[/editline] damnit how about a source code
pretty cool
[QUOTE=Baldr;23475436]A nightmare for everyone that has OCD.[/QUOTE] This, my OCD kicks in [editline]10:52PM[/editline] But yeah, still cool
This rocks I got 36 :frog:
[QUOTE=ButtsexV2;23477101]this looks incredible [editline]08:41PM[/editline] damnit [B]how about a source code[/B][/QUOTE] This. [editline]09:57PM[/editline] But grammatically correct.
Made it so that you can at least touch other blocks, as long as you still have a certain speed downwards. Also added source [url=http://maurice.gmod.de/not_tetris.love]here[/url]. (But it's horrible: I wrote it)
Weird bug here. Every time the game starts, after a while it just makes a sound like a gunshot, starts playing the game-over music, the blocks all fall down and when they're gone it's game over.
Same here @ arien
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