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JavaScript is pretty decent now, even [url=https://garry.tv/2014/08/16/i-fell-out-of-love-with-lua]Garry likes it[/url]
[QUOTE=gufu;52715220]Stupid joke aside, I had to double check if JS actually acts like a normal language and see "false" as a string instead of equivalence to false.[/QUOTE] Especially when you try to use multiple languages for a single application. Really gets confusing when small things are different :@ emergency content [video=youtube;JEpY9C49sqU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEpY9C49sqU[/video]
[QUOTE=djjkxbox;52715565]JavaScript is pretty decent now, even [url=https://garry.tv/2014/08/16/i-fell-out-of-love-with-lua]Garry likes it[/url][/QUOTE] He is right as far as lua goes, but using javascript instead? That teaches you even wronger coding standards.
[QUOTE=DrDevil;52718320]even wronger coding standards.[/QUOTE] BadWrong Double Plus Coding for Dummies.
Lua, especially when you went 10-20 years back, crushed the competition purely based on features that mostly weren't really related to the language itself. The VM offered one of a kinda performance, cross platform compatibility, both the runtime and static memory/storage footprint was incredibly tiny. The code was super simple. The syntax was aimed at people who had [B]minimal [/B]programming experience, they tried to make it read like a book. For example some middleware like applications we deployed/supported used a 'scripting language' because the variation between all clients was so big that it made more sense to increase customizability rather then building an incredibly big monolith. And allowing people who are way-more hands-on with the client to easily tweak/create these scripts was very time efficient. The thing where lua in gmod is a great fit is stuff like the super simple hooks. The part where it fails (and other likewise language would as well) is where you share a lot of state/date betwheen hooks (gamemodes weapons etc), it slowlya makes the code hard to profile and debug, and tools are absolutely shit. [editline]27th September 2017[/editline] Poing being is that once you get to the point of having the same issues garry does, like non-transfarable knowledge because of syntax, missing features. You're not really in the good usecases for Lua anymore, as far as the language goes.
So we have started doing this employee of the month thing at work (~peer nominated awards~), its a bit of fun and the person gets a framed cert saying they aren't shit at their job. They allow us to nominate people via email or by putting some paper in a box and so far its been going fine, until today. Over the weekend it seems someone has gone and modified the parameters of the test email that our test environment sends out to make sure its working before any tests are run. Now instead of sending it to the testing email account we have, its instead sending to the nomination email address with the content "I nominate myself because im awesome" and is sending this email with another employee's email address as the from address for the email. So far today its been sent roughly 50 times to the address now that everyone is using the test environments again. Que HR coming over to the dev office to have 'a word' with the dev they think is spamming them and him having no clue what's going on.
[url=http://www.michaelburge.us/2017/11/28/write-your-next-ethereum-contract-in-pyramid-scheme.html]Write your next Ethereum Contract in Pyramid Scheme[/url] [quote]Haskell programmers often code in ivory towers with their heads in the cloud. In this multi-part article series, we’ll get our feet wet diving deep below C level. I create [B]Pyramid: A dialect of the Scheme programming language[/B] that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).[/quote]
[QUOTE=DrTaxi;52937676][url=http://www.michaelburge.us/2017/11/28/write-your-next-ethereum-contract-in-pyramid-scheme.html]Write your next Ethereum Contract in Pyramid Scheme[/url][/QUOTE] Even better, it's implemented in Racket
Ladder logic is a user friendly easy to use interface with a standardized industry built around it that is more than willing to help you troubleshoot your problems with the latest up to date documentation. none of this is true.
Today's programming joke is PHP $foo = 'bar'; $$foo = 'baz'; echo $bar; // Outputs baz. $ /* You can make some wonderful spaghetti with variable variables */ $$foo = 'frobozz'; echo $baz; // Outputs frobozz. What?
Honestly, being able to dynamically name your variables is a magical feature (also useless and hilariously awful, but magical nonetheless).
I mean I can see some really really weird edge cases where this might come in handy, but generally that would make your code unservicable, so just don't ever.
Weird operators in PHP
from colombia import cocaine
is this comic intended to be a troll comic
Posted in my company's #powerusers slack channel https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132997/6469ef2f-addc-4043-9491-7a1201cdb83f/Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.41.12 AM.png
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