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Not sure if everyone is using an IDE per se, but post what you use to write your code. Images preferably; I want to see nice themes. I'm using PyCharm and DataGrip for python + sql development. https://i.imgur.com/nomZwfv.png
vs, vscode, and notepad ++ all with dark theme
https://i.imgur.com/5A62xmf.png emacs and gnome terminal
How did you setup your vim like this? Im using actually a big stack of software :/ PHPStorm Datagrip Visual Studio Code On Servers mostly VI git
At work: Visual Studio 2017 Thinkpad T450 Azure Hosting .Net/C# MVCs mostly git but our older projects are on tfs we're a totally .Net shop At home: I was using Visual Studio for a couple C# projects (a blog on ASP.Net Core) but I had to share my girlfriend's laptop with her (She has the only windows computer between us), and she always needed it for work, so I moved all my projects and workspace to my Linux VPS and now I do my projects like so: Vanilla Vim Asus Chromebook C201 Linux VPS on Vultr I do all kinds of projects at home in all kinds of languages.
Antergos / Openbox on my laptop Windows 10 on my desktop Same tooling on both: VS Code Git JIRA Slack AWS
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132464/68f687d8-4a0d-4864-874d-92527536f10f/Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 3.28.22 PM.png I use vim with my favorite colorscheme and lots of plugins and key remappings
VS, VS Code, Photoshop (placeholder art), Blender (placeholder models), SketchUp (yep, you guessed it, placeholder levels)
VS Code at work and recreationally. Windows Subsystem for Linux and Hyper-V to get linux stuffs done.Visual Studio on rare occasions where VSCode doesn't cut it, and Sublime Text 3 for quickly editing or viewing files when I don't want to wait for VSCode to launch/don't already have it open.
I really liked ST3 but eventually replaced it with Atom... then Atom kept getting slower and taking longer to launch I switch to VS Code and never looked back.
From clicking a file to seeing the content, I still find ST3 faster than VSCode, even on an M.3 SSD. :/
I'm on an i7 m.3 ssd and vscode is incredibly responsive for me :S. Perhaps its processor bound for you not ssd?
Performance is 'acceptable' now a days, but there are many situations like file larger then a few mb or some shit, and initial program launches, where VS Code takes 1-2 seconds, but sublime is in the range of 100ms.
VS Code, sometimes VS
I use Visual Studio out of necessity, not choice. Something really bothers me about text editors that are based on web renderers versus native renderers like notepad++ and Sublime, perhaps the ram usage, which really cuts into my 4gb laptop
I use Brackets at the moment since I'm doing mainly JS web work and I really like live previews. Visual Studio always feels like overkill. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133252/ec914890-992a-4720-8883-e378cce8469b/brackets.png
After using Visual Studio for god how many years with ReSharper, I'm happy that Jetbrains decided to make their own IDE, Rider. Everything else can be done with Sublime Text Really love all the hotkeys and modifiers. They really add to the productivity.
I'll typically use Sublime Text and whatever compilers are necessarily through the Windows Console. If I'm at my school I'll use Ubuntu and GNU Emacs because that's what the System Admin decided to install. I will use VS if I have to though, for compilers I'm too lazy to install.
I'm currently using Atom with the One Light theme for my Clockwork Constructors website made with PHP. I've got the minimap package installed as you can see on the right side of my image below and I'm also using WakaTime to track how long I've spent on any given project/file. I also use Atom for my projects that are written in GLua. https://i.gyazo.com/24af7d1d365dfb27ece19747b895c9d9.png
my retinas
IntelliJ IDEA for bigger stuff, gedit for smaller stuff and GIMP for artsy stuff. https://i.imgur.com/EtxAGCw.png
Visual Studio for C++ (on Windows) and C#, otherwise I use Atom or VS Code on Linux for C++. Intellij for Java, Android Java, and Scala. Atom with the Script addon (let's you run programs directly inside Atom) for Python and SQL/SQLite.
VS Code on all three platforms when I can, since I can feasibly use it to build and run on Linux + Mac + Windows VS has really great intellisense sometimes on Windows until it randomly shits the bed (a frequent occurrence as of late), at which point everything goes to hell Using XCode recently I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by the nice way it integrates with Clang's great warnings and recommendations, but it otherwise still feels confusing and like a generally inferior IDE Also if you're not already using it, I seriously recommend running clang-tidy with a fairly wide range of checks on your own code to catch things you might have missed and to get ideas for improvements. It's a great C++ "linting" tool - clang-format has also saved me a ton of pain, when dealing with legacy code at work and code that was written exclusively on mac (giving me completely fucked spacing and line endings)
Seconded - I love the whole clang toolchain.
That will unfortunately never change as VS Code is an Electron application, but they've done an amazing job at squeezing the most performance out of Electron as possible. On the other hand, Atom which is also Electron application, really is SLOW. If you think VS Code is slow, you haven't tried Atom. I preferred the way Atom did certain things, but I always ended up going back to VS Code due to some performance issue
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107176/98871845-8a4c-49b8-ac82-0894d34955e5/image.png sublime has top tier plugin support though, better than vs code imo
Does anyone have a good ST3 PHP setup? I would love some good intellisense.
Slightly related, don't try python debugging in vscode. It's god awfully slow...
It's fantastic in PyCharm.
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