• Report: Nintendo planning larger 3DS
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Jesus Christ, Shack News. Stop reporting RUMORS as fucking REPORTS. Every other site has correctly categorized this a rumor. We need Rock Paper Shotgun back.
I'm quite happy with the size of it so far. I'm more wondering whether they add the secon circlepad to it.
Rumors of 3DS XL, eh? If a slightly-bigger version of the 3DS is 3DS XL, then a 3DS of the maximum comfortable size would be a 3DS Max. (yes, it's a joke about modelling/animation software)
Fuck shacknews, bring back RPS. Shacknews provides exactly the same amount of bullshit content, but with less witty writing.
And would you look at that: [url]http://andriasang.com/con1b5/nintendo_nikkei_denial/[/url]
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