• Kinect Star Wars demo on Xbox Live
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better than battlefrontier 3
[QUOTE=El Sito;35864486]better than battlefrontier 3[/QUOTE] I have never heard of battlefrontier 3, did you mean battlefront 3 and if you meant battlefront 3, how exactly is this better than battlefront 3?
That looks complete bollocks
THIS is the new direction of star wars. Not Republic Commando 2, Jedi Knight 4, Battlefront 3. THIS.
Whats next, Star Wars the musical?
Even though it looks really dumb, it sure is a lot of fun with friends.
This game includes also podracing, lightsaber duels, combat against other foes and a campaign. Not only dancing. It still sucks though.
will these fucking companies stop milking star wars!
Will not play till I can get a mass uprising of "I'm Han Solo" or whatever it's called fans that will take to the street and burn [I]everything[/I].
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