• Death Trash is a post-apocalyptic RPG filled with profanity, gore, and puke
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Death Trash is my band name!
[QUOTE=Sir Whoopsalot;53050465]Death Trash is my band name![/QUOTE] Death Trash is a metal subgenre :v:
Including this kind of stuff because it's a logical conclusion of the world is fine and makes for excellent worldbuilding (just look at the kind of wretched shit that happens in the Fallout games with good worldbuilding). But including them just so they're there and making disgustingness a selling point doesn't point towards cohesive world and writing to me. I'm cautious.
yeah but you can puke dude
[QUOTE=erkor;53050998]yeah but you can puke dude[/QUOTE] wHOAH MAn
yo this actually looks wicked cool though
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