• Hellgate: Back, Back! BACK!
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FUCK YEAH! "North America" FUCK NO!
I loved the hell out of this game! Too bad it got shut down, I'm very excited for it to come back though.
it sucked
Oh fuck yes, I always wanted to play this again.
Well I'm not complaining.
Cash shop? Fuck yeah, I love them.
I managed to solo the last boss. It was fucking hard, died atleast 20 times.
Hellgate: London. Re-Released in North America.
I got into CBT, could be interesting.
I liked the game, I even have the collector's edition!
Why are they even bothering? This was so fucking [I]awful.[/I]
I loved the Demo....I fucking hate that related bit of news
Hellgate wasn't bad but it did feel like an alpha.
I don't know about this, I kind of put the whole thing behind me already. Not to mention I think making it some crappy cash shop grinder is going to improve it that much.
I was so pissed when I bought this and after a week or two the MP went dead.Was hoping it'd go up but now that it's free I'm even more pissed :smith:
It wasn't bad. Just borderlands did the whole first person Diablo thing much much better.
I'll give it a try for nostalgia's sake. I remember the game being boring after one playthrough though.
Wait, I thought Hellgate was an FPS in a randomly generated, ruined London-esque city? What the fuck have I been smoking
We get more levels where NPCs cause you to play an entire lvl with 1 FPS? I'M IN!
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