• Free Low Orbit Ion Cannons 'help young into cyber-crime'
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I went into the dark web and I came back out with gateway drugs to cyber terrorism. Trillions of lives are at stake, trust is a weakness
When I bought my Gameshark Pro nearly 20 years ago, I had no idea that it was the gateway and stepping stone to becoming a cobblestone in the dark web empire.
[quote]Many started by getting involved with game-cheat websites or forums that talked about ways to change or "mod" games, its report said.[/quote] DRM heavy full-encrypted no-mod games are saving us, I see clearly now.
The NCA will ban facepunch because it was made to accompany a mod for half life 2
Garry's mod? No Garry's (HalfLife 2) HACK
It makes perfect sense to say that many criminal hackers probably got started through modding or cheating in games. Having that kind of skill at breaking into things has to start somewhere, and usually it starts pretty benignly. That said, the vast majority of people who get into modding or cheating in games obviously don't actually progress to the criminal stage.
I don't understand the jump from modding to hacking. Big difference between making a Lua script and exploiting an operating system / server. [sp]curl && echo 'hacked'[/sp]
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