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Steam. Why. How could you do this to us.
i think im gonna be sick
oh no it's finally happened the prophecy has come to pass purify yourself and your loved ones the time of rapture has come
[quote]An error was encountered while processing your request: This item is currently unavailable in your region[/quote] Deeply saddened by this
I wonder if its gonna top the list of the most played games on steam (?) I heard it had a big audience.
[QUOTE=Black;37157594]I wonder if its gonna top the list of the most played games on steam (?) I heard it had a big audience.[/QUOTE] Their "audience" consisted of 8-10 year olds. The kind that go like "lol steam sucks xbox is much better."
I knew this would happen. Gentlemen, it was an honor playing with you.
I've never played Maplestory but I can tell from everyone's reactions that this is not a good thing. I can't find this on steam so i guess I'm safe.
Not available in my country. Thank god.
saw this coming from a mile away
If anyone is gonna start playing this, keep in mind that there are a lot of cheaters in it (atleast according to my friend that plays it) and the developers are doing nothing to stop them.
Never played it don't want to now.
Just from playing it for a while a couple of years ago, I got the basic summarization that everyone knows about by now; Run back and forth. Grind and button-mash with the occasional spell or two (unless you're a spellcaster; then you hotkey-mash). Get next best item after hours upon hours of tedious work. Look at the people who pay real money and see all their fancy, overpowered weapons and gear and wish you could do that. Then again, that seems to be a lot of MMORPGs in general, but MapleStory's still the codifier.
It's been an honour gentlemen.
[QUOTE=Skunky;37157669]Not available in my country. Thank god.[/QUOTE] Same here. We are safe, for now.
[QUOTE=legolover122;37157609]Their "audience" consisted of 8-10 year olds. The kind that go like "lol steam sucks xbox is much better."[/QUOTE] If they're saying that, why are they playing a PC-exclusive game?
How the fuck is this still going.
Errmm.... I could just play this non-steam.
Not available in the United Kingdom. Huzzah.
[QUOTE=BigTheCatSux;37157866]Errmm.... I could just play this non-steam.[/QUOTE] ssh. Don't tell 'em.
I never understood, why would you play this when there are countless other/MUCH BETTER F2P MMO games around?
First the global servers get to steam., then the european servers, everywhere is fucked. It's been a honour.
This MMO is incredibly shitty The economy has gone down the gutter, with merching only possible if you have enough money to buy your way through the entire game already, and the only not-slow-as-death way to get that much money is to buy NX with real money and trade it with other players The only class that is immersive at all is the Aran, which makes the game play like a really bad sidescrolling beat-em-up
why is anyone surprised this made it's way to steam. this developer has been putting games on Steam for a while now.
This game actually costed money
[QUOTE=ROFLBURGER;37158380]This game actually costed money[/QUOTE] Cant remember that
This game is still active? Seriously?
[QUOTE=Aphtonites;37158541]This game is still active? Seriously?[/QUOTE] It's still making them loads of money.
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