• Ethiopia clamps down on net use
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How are they supposed to block the Tor network?
[QUOTE=UnknownDude;36341437]How are they supposed to block the Tor network?[/QUOTE] Maybe they just blocked the standard TOR ports or something. (Which would be useless...)
This is obviously the biggest problem in ethiopia. Good job guys you solved the entire countries- Oh yeah lack of food and supplies.
Already one of the worlds worst shitholes and working hard to keep it that way.
The tor network has the features and the how to documentation to bypass these kinda "restrictions".
Ethiopia has internet?
[QUOTE=Pelvic Thrust;36348798]Ethiopia has internet?[/QUOTE] Every country has internet, except those that specifically ban it i.e. North Korea
[QUOTE=UnknownDude;36341437]How are they supposed to block the Tor network?[/QUOTE] I would think it would probably using deep packet inspection: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_packet_inspection[/url] Essentially, you can determine some types of traffic even if it is encrypted (but not content). That's how some school admins keep https proxies from working correctly. It isn't close to 100% but it is just one more thing. For example: [url]http://www.ipoque.com/en/products/protocol-and-application-classification-engine[/url]
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