• What was the first PC game you played?
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First video game ever was Abe's Oddysee on the PS1. Absolute classic. But first PC game was a 1996 strategy game, M.A.X., I believe.
One of the old Windows 98 pre-installed games.
Dune 2
first pc game was combat arms first video game i think was mario bros 2 or 3
Either Doom, some early Lego game, or Sonic 3D Blast. Those are the PC games I have the earliest memories of. I also very faintly remember some Max Payne mod that had a club similar to Ragna Rock but it opened up to a city-like area. First game I ever played was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.
Probably Putt-Putt, I can't remember which. There was also something to do with trains, Wacky Wheels, some NASCAR or touring car game, a Formula 1 game where you could draw on the cars' skins [sp](I remember specifically writing "Death to Mrs Frost", a reception teacher I hated. She did die within the last couple years so now I feel well bad)[/sp], Chip's Challenge and Rise of the Triad. Can't remember which I played first exactly.
[QUOTE=Biotoxsin;52566565]I remember playing games back when I was 2-3 that[B] required a rubber keyboard slip-cover with graphics printed on it[/B]. Sesame Street games I think? Otherwise games like "P.F. Magic" Catz & Dogz series back in 1995 come to mind.[/QUOTE] I had some star wars game kinda like that but it actually had a whole plastic overlay of controls and figures that sat on top of the keyboard. Can't remember what it was called for the life of me.
I was too young to remember, but it was one of the following: Call of Duty (the first one) Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Lego Island
Legit no joke, Superman 64. I got that, smash brothers, and paper Mario for Christmas, and I booted up Superman first. Couldn't beat the singleplayer, heck couldn't beat the first level. The multiplayer was somewhat fun to play, but paper Mario was my favorite.
[QUOTE=CyclonatorZ;52567013]Lego Island[/QUOTE] yeah this shit was dope, I spent so long with my brother playing this as a child
The first PC game I played was Bubble bobble, The first game that struck a chord in me was Half-life at the age of 5. God I loved playing around in black mesa... Before the aliens came.. That shit was too real! So I managed to reload the game and took the train ride and fucked with the scientists in an endless loop.
Full Tilt Pinball - Space Cadet
Mine was Duke Nukem, which was the very first one, at age five. I think it was on Windows 3.1, which is very old computer specs.
Diablo 2
Jazz Jackrabbit
Let's Explore The Farm With Buzzy The Knowledge Bug i shit you not first entertainment game was Half-Life i think
Lemmings on MS-DOS. Seriously. My dad had a 386 computer complete with floppy Floppy Drive (5.25 inch I think?). He had several games for it including the original Sim City and a pinball game called Tristan, but Lemmings was the first game I personally played on a computer. EDIT: Looking over the article I'm also pretty sure I've played the game James Davenport is talking about, but have no idea what it was called. His description sounds incredibly familiar.
Delta Force, Settlers 3, Fifa 97, Moto Racer 2 in this order are the games i've played when me and my family got our 1st PC which included these games. TO go even earlier, the 1st game i've played was Forbidden Forest on C64 [sp]and it made me fear spiders[/sp]
Half-life and opposing force.
Opposing Force is about as early as I remember, but I think I played Doom shareware before that.
Putt-putt goes to the moon
Age of Empires. I got it in a box of cereal.
The earliest game I remember playing was Speedy Eggbert, on my dad's PC. [t]https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/619TS0DYZHL.jpg[/t] [t]https://yoritoshi.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/speedy-eggbert-tech1.png[/t]
It was either Doom or Wolfenstein 3D.
Red Alert II and IL-2 Sturmovik are the earliest I can remember.
Barbie Riding Club. Nice of PCGamer to make a fast thread for us.
[QUOTE=verynicelady;52568753]Barbie Riding Club. Nice of PCGamer to make a fast thread for us.[/QUOTE] Should move it to where it belongs then.
Rayman, never actually finished that game. and I've played it for weeks when I was young
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