• Daily Deal - Uplink 66% off!
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This is definitely worth the money.
Wow, worth all the money. Great sale.
great game if you like games that will punish you for sucking at it
Buying a few extra copies. Introversion need the money.
Great game.
So, first good daily deal?
This is a damn good game.
This looks fun, but I lack a credit card.
I've had this game forever now. Its simply amazing. Nothing like going back through it a few times just to see how much better you can do every time.
99 deals on steam I think it has actually run out of room to put them all this is absurd
A lot of people swear by this game, but I could never really get into it. Worth the buy for sure though.
Oh hey, a decent game this time around. Too bad I already have it :saddowns:
Already have it from when those indie packs were off by a huge amount, think it was during Christmas. Hold on.. Uplink.. Introversion? I'll take a hundred copies. They deserve it.
Bought it and spent a few hours playing, and I forgot to delete some logs. :argh:
Bought it based on you guys, reviews were quite good too, I loved Multiwinia/Dawinia
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