• Apple's Jonathan Ive is knighted
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credits to this guy on the ipod part [img]http://gadgethobby.com/wp-content/plugins/blog/images/kramer_and_his_invention.jpg[/img]
So he drew a rectangle and got knighted?
[QUOTE=The mouse;36064705]So he drew a rectangle and got knighted?[/QUOTE] I drew a cube and became the overlord of time and space
There's a Monty Python joke in his name somewhere.
Well yeah he did made the whole style direction of Apple, he recently said he was working on he's largest project yet (2 Weeks left..)
Really? Knight people who actually did something good, not designed silly overpriced electronics I do like iPods but this is stupid.
I could have sworn this happened years ago, like if you asked me yesterday if he was knighted i would have been like "yeah i remember reading about that like a year or so ago"
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