• The Story of Snabbo
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ouch that hurts my wallet just thinking about losing more than 4500$ to a game [editline]2nd June 2011[/editline] interesting read though!
You should try getting it on the Android Market instead.
[i] Another [/i] stack em and combine em game? Ugh.
1. Put in on Android Market 2. When you level up, it shows tits 3. Garry buys a limo
This somehow reminded me of the valve commentaries, where they talk about trial and error. Good read.
It needs more 3's.
5 N 4 |3 |3 0?
[QUOTE=aero1444;30197661]5 N 4 |3 |3 0?[/QUOTE] I'm not buying it until you turn that N into some l33t 0wn4ge
[QUOTE=aero1444;30197661]5 N 4 |3 |3 0?[/QUOTE] 5 /\/ 4 |3 |3 0
I always get a free version of the game if its available. if its any good, I buy full version. Add Snabbo HD as name, with iPhone 4 screen res support in description :V
I wanted to buy it, but I'm an Android man. Sorry I couldn't help, Garry... :smith:
I'd buy it if it was on Steam and had more modes of play.
I would've probably got, enjoyed the game if I had interest in these types of games. [QUOTE=The Bee Gees;30197460][i] Another [/i] stack em and combine em game? Ugh.[/QUOTE] [i]Another[/i] ponyfag? Ugh.
Correction Garry, Snabbo didn't cost you 5000$, getting set up to develop mobile games did. nothing stopping you from developing more games now that you have the tools.
[QUOTE=The Bee Gees;30197460][i] Another [/i] stack em and combine em game? Ugh.[/QUOTE] This one has Call of Duty and Myst influences
[QUOTE=Zeke129;30198623]This one has Call of Duty and Myst influences[/QUOTE] Mortar strike on the stacks
Great read, considering buying the game because I'm sweet.
Originally I hadn't planned on installing this, but now I'm going to try the free version and if I like it I will buy it.
Interesting read, since I'm putting my game on the app store soon
Very nice read, keep at it Garry.
[QUOTE=smurfy;30197482]1. Put in on Android Market 2. When you level up, it shows tits 3. Garry buys a limo[/QUOTE] I actually would get it if it was on Android though. Just sayin.
Put it on Blackberry too :wink:
I have the free version because I wanted to try it out but the app crashes on start up.
i would have gotten it but i'm on a dinky old 1st gen touch
There's no stopping you from making another mobile game. You'll eventually find a winning combination in Marketing.
Very informative. My coworkers and me were just talking about the subject. We'd thought it would be alot easier to make money of apps, but I guess that proved us wrong. I'll show em that next time I see them. Just to ask, it doesn't look like the game had to be made with unity. Did you just wanted to try unity out?
Good read. You always hear people say that the app store is a get rich quick scheme with fart apps flooding it and stuff, but this doesn't really make it seem like that. Also, you guys should make the app that was discussed a while back in the Apple section - A game with a similar concept to Audiosurf with tilt controls which utilizes the song library on the users iPhone. It's p.much perfect.
Thanks for the information Garry on how the appstore works. It seems you learned a lot and it'll probably help out others in the future. My suggestion is to stick to the desktop indie games like Minecraft, Terraria and the other up-and-comers. Seems like this is very profitable at the moment. I'm sure with the contacts you have made and your knowledge of programming, you'd be able to come up with an idea and build a great game!
[QUOTE=garry;30197280]but Facepunch’s majority demographic is teenage hardcore pc gamers, they’re not going to buy a game like Snabbo.[/QUOTE] So true, because they always explain why PC is better than console and most of the part is just unnecesary like tool mod for example.
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