• Tribes: Ascend open beta launches Friday
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[B]VGQ [/B]
[QUOTE=AtomiCasd;34821537]Want a medal?[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/b8U9H.png[/IMG]
[QUOTE=Swebonny;34825699][B]VGQ [/B][/QUOTE] VGS
VGW VGW VGW VGW [quote]The following weapons projectiles now spawn center cross-hairs, rather than offset to the right: Soldier's Assault Rifle, Doombringer's Chaingun, Soldier's Eagle, Sentinel's Falcon, Pathfinder's Light Assault Rifle, Raider's NJ4, Brute's Nova Colt, Infiltrator's Rhino, Infiltrator's SN7, Technician's Sparrow, Technician's TCN4, Juggernaut's X1LMG.[/quote] Oh boy this is gonna feel weird. [quote]You may also mute players (turn off chat and VGS).[/quote] NOOOOO. No more annoying people with VGS. [quote]Fixed an exploit where users with specific graphics settings were able to see a fully stealthed Infiltrator.[/quote] This explains so much.
[QUOTE=Catdaemon;34822685]The matchmaking makes this false. That's not to say you can't join a first rank friend's game as rank 20 and own everyone though :v:[/QUOTE] right now matchmaking only keeps you with 1-5, after 5 youre paired with whoever wants to play. ive seen some level 34s in games with level 7s just shitting all over them
I can see it now *LLAMA GRAB* 2 seconds later ENEMY FLAG HAS BEEN DROPPED
[QUOTE=Lukeo;34826065]I can see it now *LLAMA GRAB* 2 seconds later ENEMY FLAG HAS BEEN DROPPED[/QUOTE] "The enemy has our flag has returned."
[QUOTE=Theman!;34821705]Sounds like a pretty awesome patch, not sure why they removed Rabbit though.[/QUOTE] They did? That was one of my favorite gamemodes!
[QUOTE=Swebonny;34825699][B]VGQ [/B][/QUOTE] VGN VGTG
[QUOTE=ExplodingGuy;34826649]VGN VGTG[/QUOTE] VGTT
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