• Does anybody else feel that rounds in Overwatch are too short?
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I know lots of people love this game, and I do agree that the character diversity, special skills and such really bring a lot to the genre. However, I much preferred TF2 with its ebb and flow of battle, whereas Overwatch games I played a couple of years ago just seemed to end really quickly and the mandatory waiting time between battles compounded the issue. You may think I'm wrong, or maybe the game has changed? I know most people love it, so I'm probably just getting muddled up somehow?
Not really. I like how short the rounds are because that means I can play the game in bursts and I'm not spending too much time in one game.
I guess it's like how some people enjoy rushing in RTS games and others prefer no rush, me being in the latter category. I like to get emotionally invested in the game, and that takes a little bit.
Maybe competitive is for you then. Games can take twice as long because on the uneven maps you have to play both sides.
I've always hated games with long matches like league and dota 2. So I love the shorter matches, especially if the enemy team is stomping you and you're basically stuck in spawn the entire time.
I actually prefer Overwatch's match pacing to TF2's "you're going to be here forever" map progress.
Well, If you play competitive they actually feel kinda long lasting nowadays.
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