• "Twilight" star disses his own character.
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Thanks for making me sit through a near eternity of Ellen Degeneres and then telling me THE FUCKING CONTENT ISN'T AVAILABLE YOU SHITTY FUCKING SITE
[QUOTE=bregitta;16368990]I don't blame him if it's true, but for all we know that video could have just been typical made up journo crap. He isn't interviewed at all, and it's just running random clips of him in the background. Horrible.[/QUOTE] I watched the interview somewhere and it was definately him talking. he mumbles a lot
[QUOTE=VassikinX3;16342068]He's been dissing twilight for ages now, he said he was only in it for the money.[/QUOTE] And poon. [editline]08:32PM[/editline] What did I just say
[QUOTE=Xenomoose;16342225]doesn't the girl who played Bella not like Twilight either? either way, we already knew this. the reporter going fangirl on him needs to be punched, though.[/QUOTE] Even she said she's disgusted by some of the scene's. [editline]08:45PM[/editline] [QUOTE=lazyguy;16419296]And poon. [editline]08:32PM[/editline] What did I just say[/QUOTE] Half the fans are FAT. [B]REALLY FAT.[/B] [highlight][b][u]REALLY REALLY FAT.[/u][/b][/highlight]
[QUOTE=PromiscuousPancake;16371562]Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [IMG]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_hWKrRpAbjb0/STKef4GcRnI/AAAAAAAACV8/QWWnq7nwB0o/s400/1132877572_urescedric.jpg[/IMG] The guy who was competing with Harry in the Triwizard Tournament[/QUOTE] hey, he died in that movie. interesting...
-fuck, snip-
To be honest i feel bad for him. I don't hate him, I don't want to kill him, i feel really bad for him. All these women infatuated with him, i mean it must be nice to a certain extent. But they attack him whenever the see him, for Christ sakes he was hit by a taxi running from rabid fans. I bet he had no idea what he was getting himself into.
[QUOTE=$BIGBALLIN$;16345406]Your not clever.[/QUOTE] Sorry I think he lost his not clever.
I thought it were some minor character, i was pleasantly surprised.
[QUOTE=Beafman;16424275]hey, he died in that movie. interesting...[/QUOTE] Interesting idea. Someone should splice the two movies together so it looks like Voldemort kills Edward.
Honestly, what were those fangirls going to do when they caught him anyway? "Talk lovingly to me Edward..."
Good for him
[QUOTE=cyclocius;16444355]Honestly, what were those fangirls going to do when they caught him anyway?[/QUOTE] Rape him.
It must be hard being an actor, no doubt growing up doing high-drama pieces, getting your BIG BREAK INTO THE MOVIES and told 'alright, stand there, show as little emotion as possible and pout a lot okay perfect'.
This almost reminds me of how Micheal Bay felt about doing Transformers, maybe that's why this guy also is trying to suck at it?
Didnt Radcliffe hate Harry Potter too?
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