• Traybots rallying in Chicago, livestreamed
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Things such as being uninformed, ignorant, quick to judge, violent, close minded, hateful, sensitive, sad, and confused are not exclusive to just "the black community". There are many many people, regardless of race, who are upset about this verdict.
What is The Black Community and how do I join?
[QUOTE=Rangergxi;41457563]Its just as bad as the far right conservatives that support Zimmerman because of him shooting a black person.[/QUOTE] except there are probably tons of far right conservatives that don't support zimmerman?
"i am an official delegate of the black community. henceforth, it is now the opinion of every african american living in the united states that zimmerman is a 'creepy ass cracka'. thank you and have a good night."
[QUOTE=Samoht;41457628]What is The Black Community and how do I join?[/QUOTE] you need to have at least 50+ hours of either BET or Tyler Perry viewing logged to become eligible for signing up
Niggers have always been sub-human fucktards; liberals are just blinded by white guilt and refuse to accept the fact. I wish slavery were still legal, at least then niggers would actually contribute something to society. [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Racism/Alt of permabanned user" - Starpluck))[/highlight]
Speaking of "majority of black people" are Trayvon supporters, I'd love to look at some real poll data on opinions of the verdict. When I looked on MSNBC last night it was around 33% Against 33% Shouldn't have got murder, but should have gotten a lesser charge. (I don't even know why this is an option) 33% Agree with verdict.
[QUOTE=Rangergxi;41457563]Its just as bad as the far right conservatives that support Zimmerman because of him shooting a black person.[/QUOTE] Ugh are there really? Who would be [b]this dumb[/b]? Siding with a black guy [i]just because[/i] he was shot by a white dud, here I can at least see a point - empathy, as in, poor guy fell victim of racism. But who would praise someone [i]just because[/i] he shot a guy of diffirent skin color?
[QUOTE=Episode;41457045]I see the black community (by black community I mean the ones who march for trayvon, not all blacks) as like the KKK, the only difference is most lie about their racism, the KKK is openly racist, the KKK is more organised, civilized and the KKK have to wear certain attire.[/QUOTE] You're forgetting about the part where the KKK was often time given a blank check by many state governments and several white supremacist groups participated in murders and lynchings. It seems that people throw around "racism" without understanding what "structural" racism is and how that differs from the kind of societal or personal level one. Structural racism was far more damaging to blacks and other minorities in the 60s and a comparison [i]can't[/i] be made. For all the holier than thou "lol they're more racist" clowns have you ever been: -Deprived of the right to vote? -Deprived of government services despite payment of taxes? -Forced into separate schools? -Put through impartial courts hellbent on prosecution? -Unable to get fair rulings through the legal system?*** -Couldn't do anything about negative characteristics promoted through the media? For god's sake the racism you may perceive from these people is not comparable to the real racism that many minorities, not only black, faced in this country (and some may argue still do). ***And no I don't mean this particular trial before the hysteria wagon comes upon me. I talk about trials that occurred in the 70s and before which were so blatantly racist. I bring up one case of Medgar Evers, a famous civil rights leader and WWII veteran (Normandy). The man was murdered in front of his home in 1963 and despite clear evidence, the (all-white) jury trice failed to convict the murderer, being deadlocked twice. In fact, he was never convicted for it at all for over 30 YEARS until 1994 when the legal system was more competent and charged him successfully on new evidence. Hell, even here in Texas like a good chunk of our prisoners who've been cleared by DNA evidence were black. What does that tell you about the state of the legal system? I don't think it's really surprising that many people, particularly minorities, don't feel the legal system works at all even today.
They are shouting for the whole justice system to be shut down and calling the jurors racist. Lmao. Wow. What a gathering of morons. But, it's their right and at least it's peaceful.
[QUOTE=Episode;41456988]"BLACK PEOPLE CAN'T BE RACIST, ONLY WHITES" I don't think all blacks are racist but I honestly see most blacks as racists.[/QUOTE] Dude, stop. You're about to create an infinite recursion in the space time continuum, turning the term "racist" into a racial slur itself.
It's sad to see how many people took the bait of the media. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/D7BcqD1.jpg[/IMG]
[QUOTE=Latency;41456894]I fall to the left too and I'd probably even consider myself a liberal if asked but those tears are still delicious.[/QUOTE] You're an idiot for bringing political leaning and political ideology into this case because there's absolutely none of it, Trayvon Martin's supporters aren't Communist or Socialist, Zimmerman's supporters aren't Capitalist or Authoritarian.
[QUOTE=Keyblockor;41457928]You're an [b]idiot for bringing political leaning and political ideology[/b] there's absolutely none of it Zimmerman's supporters are [b]Capitalist or Authoritarian[/b].[/QUOTE] Is that supposed to be sarcastic? Or have you just forget to add "n't" to the last "are"?
[QUOTE=Desuh;41457901]It's sad to see how many people took the bait of the media. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/D7BcqD1.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] Africa, Where the most successful state was a British-Dutch colony or is Arabic.
[QUOTE=sHiBaN;41456905]A couple people died here in Los Angeles/Oakland California already This is indeed a sad state of events. People would rather care about a stupid case and verdict and yet our government passes laws that will haunt us for years to come. People in my FB feed actually want to riot. Yeah, lets chimp-out. That's the best way to handle things[/QUOTE] You actually managed to, inadvertently, make me sadder than I was already today. At the first sight of the term chimp-out, I was overjoyed, I hate chimps. In fact, I probably hate them even more than I should. How much of that is residual resentment from all of the pseudo scientific bullshit I've come across that portrays greater and lesser chimpanzee behavior as being what 'natural' human behavior would look/looked like. But then...I googled it....and I found out that it was a racial term. [url]http://www.somethingawful.com/weekend-web/chimpout/[/url] *Insert whatever the smiley symbol for crying is here* [editline]14th July 2013[/editline] [QUOTE=tr00per7;41457506]you idiot, tears have salt in them, prepare to DIE! or be severely dehydrated[/QUOTE] But the salinity/saltiness in tears...fuck it, your own tears don't dry out your eyes, right?
[QUOTE=Episode;41456988]I don't think all blacks are racist but I honestly see most blacks as racists.[/QUOTE] uhhh
[QUOTE=gudman;41457992]Is that supposed to be sarcastic? Or have you just forget to add "n't" to the last "are"?[/QUOTE] Yes. I apologize but I fucked up.
[QUOTE=Aman;41457390]black people can't be dumb they are innocent, lalalalala[/QUOTE] if you read the posts you'd see they just scream suburban teen embarrassing himself
[QUOTE=Keyblockor;41458345]Yes. I apologize but I fucked up.[/QUOTE] I agree then, politics have nothing to do with it. Well... almost. If the actual politicians stayed out of it.
[QUOTE=SigmaLambda;41457373]Jesus christ you people aren't even fucking hiding it anymore. I mean am I the only person seeing this? Every fucking thread about Zimmerman has numerous blatantly racist posts and nobody is getting banned for it and nobody is acknowledging it. What the fuck is going on[/QUOTE] It seems to be far to easy to ignore that (I apologize for muddying this quote with my own additions) “The enemy isn't men, or women, (whites, blacks, liberals, conservatives, atheists, the religious, aliens, predators, tumblr users) it's bloody stupid people and no one has the right to be stupid.” ― Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment [editline]14th July 2013[/editline] far too* dammit, why won't this post show up on the edit screen?
[QUOTE=Latency;41456807]Me right now [img]http://i.imgur.com/paCdcbW.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] Don't cut yourself on the edge.
I'm not in the know about this terminology and was convinced that tray-cleaning robots were protesting
[QUOTE=BloodYScar;41456773]I dont get these people. I simply dont.[/QUOTE] They think white person killing black person in self-defense = racism.
[QUOTE=Brt5470;41458838]Don't cut yourself on the edge.[/QUOTE] That's not even edgy though [editline]14th July 2013[/editline] [QUOTE=ForDaNords;41458995]They think white person killing black person in self-defense = racism.[/QUOTE] Zim is Mexican tho?
zim is ethnically hispanic but racially white i guess.
[QUOTE=katbug;41459088] Zim is Mexican tho?[/QUOTE] His skin color is white, that's what I mean.
Here guys, now no one has to be offended by a mere comical jab! [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/tears1.jpg[/img]
I've said last night and I'll say it again. The streamer sounds like the biggest holier than thou , nasally, tool I've ever heard in my life.
[QUOTE=BloodYScar;41456773]I dont get these people. I simply dont.[/QUOTE] Well i am guessing it's something like this.. He's black and killer was no black thus it was a racist attack thus justice must be served.
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