• Google Is Planning Pricey Glasses With An Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display, May Sell Them By Year'
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Well, i've never had to worry about such things since my neighbourhood is stable and I rarely go outdoors anyways. I'm just thinking with the mindset of one who dwells in less... let's say "less fortunate" areas, places where crime is stronger and the streets are less safe than Carshalton.
[QUOTE=Beafman;34822382]Why is it that I think the most popular app on these glasses will be "X-Ray vision"...[/QUOTE] TSA is gonna love 'em
Oh wow. This is incredible. This whole tech field has so much promise, it'll be really awesome to (hopefully) see it unfold and mature. I still would like to see one of [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_retinal_display"]these[/URL] though. Having an image projected directly onto your retina is just so much cooler (also, no glasses).
[QUOTE=Robber;34815473]They'd look like big floating screen a few feet in front of you.[/QUOTE] Now i'm just thinking dead space, this isn't helping.
[QUOTE=Ardosos;34812051]I'm still waiting for a pip-boy style wrist interface. Make it happen, google.[/QUOTE] Buy a smartphone and some rubber bands or for more the more tech oriented, super glue
I would buy this immediately, damn the cost. The idea will have to be developed further but considering how many different applications Google powers, having that information overlaid on your vision would be amazing. The possibilities are endless.
I wonder if you can couple it to facebook, look at a person and find their facebook account?
If they can fit them in an aviator style or wayfarer, i am sold.
Wow, the applications for this could be limitless. Imagine police officers with a HUD that show profiles and information of the information they request. factory workers that have a HUD that monitors their equipments efficiency and other data. I would buy them.
[QUOTE=Beafman;34831212]I wonder if you can couple it to facebook, look at a person and find their facebook account?[/QUOTE] The next level of stalking. Now you can't even show your face in public anymore
I want a pair of these for my exams! :v:
[QUOTE=Programmer;34836742]I want a pair of these for my exams! :v:[/QUOTE] Revision goggles?
Will this allow me to see thin women fat?
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