• Dad Abandons Teen Daughter Over Bad Math Grade
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[QUOTE=Megafan;36177011]Hate to break it to you, but it is. [editline]2nd June 2012[/editline] It is.[/QUOTE] Black people have curly hair OMG IM RACIST
"[i]Dad Abandons Teen Daughter Over Bad Math Grade[/i]" *open thread* *first image is one of the most Asian-looking men I have ever seen* Oh Jesus, oh God, my sides...
It's not like any of us are getting offended by this stuff. I think the mods should take a chill pill.
[QUOTE=Megafan;36179439]It's essentially like making some joke about watermelon in a thread about a black person, or saying that a woman should get back to the kitchen. They're rooted in racism and sexism, respectively.[/QUOTE] how do you know they're not asian and type with their accent?
[QUOTE=JimmyA;36189179]how do you know they're not asian and type with their accent?[/QUOTE] how do you know that [I]terrorists[/I] didn't [I]force[/I] him to type that or else they'd kill their family and blow up the liberty bell huh huh how do [I]you[/I] know that's not the case you don't so obviously you shouldn't have banned him [I]Megaterrorist[/I]
[QUOTE=bunnyspy1;36173541]C is average. D is below average (where I'd get worried)[/QUOTE] I used to get D's all the time when i was in school and shit and what not and look how i turned up.
end of [sp]l[/sp]ine
Am I the only one who thought this was kinda.. odd? [quote] With the charges, authorities alleged Huynh abandoned the [b]16-year-old girl[/b] at Cheltenham Avenue and Washington Lane, [b]near the Cheltenham Square Mall[/b], after she received a bad grade in a calculus course. [...] “[b]She was devastated. She wandered quite a ways looking for help.[/b] Fortunately, she encountered a minister who stayed with her and called police,” McMenamin said. [/quote]
[QUOTE=zakedodead;36172080]She got a low math grade, the only acceptable course of action now is ritual suicide. He failed to raise her properly, the only acceptable course of action now is ritual suicide.[/QUOTE] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrXvK2BrT9A&list=UUXdYATEcQDVlMdUs7THtzXA&index=2&feature=plcp[/media] 1:40
[QUOTE=BudakCiner;36192023][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrXvK2BrT9A&list=UUXdYATEcQDVlMdUs7THtzXA&index=2&feature=plcp[/media] 1:40[/QUOTE] Now I want to ritual suicide also after watching that video
this happened where my brother lives :O... eitherway... wow...
[QUOTE=FAG 2.0;36189281]I used to get D's all the time when i was in school and shit and what not and look how i turned up.[/QUOTE] As a Facepunch user named FAG 2.0. I hope to be like you one day!
[QUOTE=Megafan;36179642]Well as it should be apparent to you right now, there's a world of difference between saying what you've just said, and this:[/QUOTE] ur da worst mod lmao my butt would do a better job and my butt is retarded im not kidding what sltungle said is still considered racism by (all of) your conservative 'oo be careful what u say' mindset but because its in fancy words its not banworthy? lol!! ive yet to see a ban in an asian thread where theyre callin caucasians clacka white boiiis i guess thats not racism huh so not banning for that is effectively racist ur a racist and a bad mod thats my distilled answer do something useful with it [editline]8th June 2012[/editline] on topic; maybe the father was trying to teach the kid a lesson and maybe she slacked enormously on studying, if i wanted to be a pianist i would do fuck all for math either. i'd ditch my 16 year old (old enough unless you're mentally handicapped or something) on a crossroad for a couple of hours as well that'd scare the shit outta him/her. when i was young i threatened my parents with running away cause they punished me for bad grades and they just helped me pack my bags and set me off - i got buttfuck scared and studied well ever since
I'm glad that's not my dad, he'd have kicked both me and my older sister out since we're both shit at maths.
chinks gonna chink. and you faggots with your hurr im not racist but and ur stereotypes n shit, ur faggots. truth hurts doesnt it?? fucking liberal cunts.
Someone please reply to this post if they are [I]actually offended[/I] by "shamefur dispray". Hell, why don't we just ban people who rate posts optimistic? If using R's instead of L's is racist, then using rainbows on posts with an unintended gay undertone is homophobic.
B+? B+! I don't have a daughter!
[QUOTE=AceOfDivine;36172416]Umm yes it is racist actually. Don't try to excuse yourself.[/QUOTE] Uh... Racism is when one thinks one race is superior to another. You're thinking of discrimination.
[QUOTE=sltungle;36179512]But the problem I'm seeing with this is that education and academic success IS incredibly important in Asian cultures. I don't really think that's up for debate. I'm sure a white kid who grew up in a traditional Asian household would probably perform better academically than if the same kid had grown up in your regular western household simply because there's more riding on academic success in one culture compared to the other. It's got nothing to do with the colour of their skin, it's got to do with the culture that they've grown up in. And it's unsurprising to me that most people who had a traditional Asian-oriented cultural upbringing are Asian, hence why it seemed fairly likely that the article would be about an Asian person.[/QUOTE] RACIST!! RACIST!! BAN HIM MEGAFAN!! HE SAID ASIANS VALUE EDUCATION!
[QUOTE=ForgottenKane;36254504]Uh... Racism is when one thinks one race is superior to another. You're thinking of discrimination.[/QUOTE] actually racism is when someone discrimates between people of different races, discrimination is just the umbrellla-term for basically things that are like racism but with/without the race; you don't need to think one is superior to the other to be racist. as far as I know, almost everyone is fairly racist on a subconscious level anyway.
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