• Levi Johnston to Pose Nude for Playgirl
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[QUOTE=lmaoboat;17746164]ryandaniels- Your #1 source of condescending moral superiority since '06.[/QUOTE] Thank you, *bows*, thank you! Although, I don't believe in right and wrong, so more accurately put, it would be "condescending [I]logical[/I] superiority". But good attempt anyways.
Poor sarah palin.
[QUOTE=FunkyHippo;17742654]Ok now all we need is Sarah Palin posing naked for Playboy.[/QUOTE] ...please...no...
i think the real douchebags are the fellas working at playgirl who said "you know who needs to be more famous? that guy who knocked up the almost-VP's daughter."
[QUOTE=ryandaniels;17745282]I wasn't saying you have to be a girl to know a douchebag, I'm saying that a bunch of people who don't read playgirl are bawing about who's gonna be in it. Also, you could call any guy in a porn magazine a "manwhore", and most people probably would, yet noboby seems to hate girls in porn.[/QUOTE] I think he's a douchebag for being an Alaskan who wears a Billabong t-shirt
:ohdear: I wear Hollister and Zara :c
FUCK All i saw was nude and i clicked so dam fast and well now.. :( :barf:
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