• Mom visits ex-U.S. Marine sentenced to death in Iran
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[QUOTE=BloodYScar;34819441]Boohooo, a spy stays a spy. Propaganda.[/QUOTE] "An innocent man is getting executed in Iran, they're saying he's a spy" "That's horrible! What nationality is he?" "American" "Pff, it's just propaganda then"
[QUOTE=Medevilae;34821016]Not really... A college education is a preqrequisite that many career soldiers don't have during their military service. (FBI operates domestically btw)[/QUOTE] I got my first degree within two years of being in the Marines. All of my buddies have degrees too. So yes, really. [editline]22nd February 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Coridan;34819554]Actually, yes. Marines (Infantry specifically) are the most selected for jobs as agents in the FBI and CIA.[/QUOTE] I suppose all you peter puffers that are disagreeing have first had experience like I do, right? I'm not lying. You fulfill almost all of of the pre-reqs that they look for just by being an Marine Corps infantry. Specifically infantry because you go through more physical training, combat training and have a higher security clearance than other jobs in the Marines.
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