• Consider Create’s Contraptions
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Reminds me of crazy machines
I was expecting some article about a builder in GMOD. Was not disappointed.
Looks fun, but art looks awful.
I always loved these physics puzzler games. This one reminds me of armadillo run.
So Little Big Planet without Sackboy?
I think it's Little Big Planet when it's matured a bit
Reminds me of a ton of flash games and other various indie games but more professional looking
First time I've ever seen the EA logo look so welcoming before a video. They should keep it like that, might swing the public's view of them.
LBP for PC! Almost. Good enough for me! :dance:
Reminds me of Crazy Machines 2 and Incredible Machine. Definite buy.
Reminds me of Fantastic Contraptions, but as a 3D sidescroller. Also, [b]create[/b]ive name :v:
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