• Woman charged with animal cruelty for selling pierced cats online..
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[quote]Metal protrudes from their little bodies, pierced through their ears and necks with a 14-gauge needle - usually reserved for the thick skin of cattle. And at least one of these 'maimed and disfigured' kittens also had an elastic band tied around its tail - an attempt to stem the blood flow so that the tail eventually falls off. The woman accused of turning three helpless kittens into 'gothic cats' by piercing them up to 10 times went on trial in the U.S. yesterday, charged with animal cruelty. [/quote] Read the rest: [url]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1248211/Gothic-kittens-Holly-Crawford-accused-piercing-cats-selling-online-goes-trial-animal-cruelty.html[/url] [quote]Mother cats pick up their young from the scruff of the neck, she said, because pressure on the sensitive nerves there leads to submissive action. 'No matter what they tried, they could not escape from this,' she said. 'It would make them feel as if they were constantly being bitten.' [/quote] I'm not linking pictures, it's too fucked.
What the fuck is wrong with her... For all i know those cats don't really find it comfortable to have that on them..
Gothic cats? What's next, vampire-cats?
Oh, that's just [I]dark[/I]
[QUOTE=evilking1;20102915]Oh, that's just [I]dark[/I][/QUOTE] Stupid.
[quote]pierced through their ears and necks with a 14-gauge[/quote] For a second I thought they were talking about a shotgun
what the fuck neck piercings what if it hits a jugular vein and the cat bleeds to death. fuck
This beats haiti! Oh my god !
[QUOTE=SilentBobis;20102965]what the fuck neck piercings what if it hits a jugular vein and the cat bleeds to death. fuck[/QUOTE] Because your jugulars are at the back of your head, right? :f5h::downs::fh:
What a bitch. (whore ass faggot dildo sucker granny whore scat dicknippels)
[QUOTE=Sickle;20103002]hi im fucking stupid and thinks im so fucking cole!!!!!!!!!11 i think cats have the same anatomy as humans and think its at the side of their neks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11[/QUOTE] ok
lol i heard about this lady a while ago. i was wondering when somebody would try to get her arrested for animal abuse
:ironicat: That's crazy.. why would anyone buy a pierced cat?
Gothic motherfucker. This will not go unpunished. I'm sure 4chan has something for her.
Funny. I know goth people who would end this cunts life if they could find her. Goddamn this bitch is twisted
I bet she wanted to sell kittens who looked like this: [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4b/Cheshire_Cat_McGee.jpg[/img]
Oh god imagine that irl :ohdear:
[QUOTE=Triumph Forks;20103707]Oh god imagine that irl :ohdear:[/QUOTE] I'd be so damn hideous I'd put him down :S Just look at Mr. Bigglesworth: [img]http://imhelendt.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/cat.jpg[/img] I'm a cat guy, but that cat looks like a huge rat :barf:
Oh fuck I forgot about that thing :barf: And add the pircings and tattoos and what you would have to do to its mouth to make it 'smile' like that :barf: [editline]03:53PM[/editline] :barf:
Somebody please, do a Photoshop of that cat!!
This woman should be clawed by a thousand angry raging cats.
[QUOTE=evilking1;20102915]Oh, that's just [I]dark[/I][/QUOTE] Get out.
[QUOTE=SilentBobis;20103040]ok[/QUOTE] trust me im a doctor
[QUOTE=Ickylevel;20102984]This beats haiti! Oh my god ![/QUOTE] What the fuck is wrong with you? Tens of thousands of people have died in horrible brutal deaths in Haiti, and you think that 3 tortured animals is worse. God, people like you need to get some sense beaten into them...
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