• Crytek’s Lead Graphics Engineer Leaves Company to Work on Id Tech 6
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Figure this'll be nice and topical in the midst of all the Doom and Crytek is Dying talk [quote]Sousa says he'll work on the next Doom and the graphics engine the company is making for it, idTech 6. id Software released a teaser trailer for Doom during E3 2014. At this year's QuakeCon 2014 conference, it showed off the new game, finally detailing what exactly we can expect, but only to those who were there in person. According to his Linkedin profile, Sousa was with Crytek for more than a decade, working as a graphics programmer and engineer on the company's proprietary CryEngine and games like the first Far Cry, Crysis, Xbox One-exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome and other "undisclosed multiplatform projects." [/quote] [url]http://www.gamespot.com/articles/crytek-s-lead-graphics-engineer-leaves-company-to-/1100-6421218/[/url] I guess you can say that crytek is doomed, They sure do have a crysis on their hands, I hope they can ryse above the situation and so on
Fuck man now I'm REALLY worried about Homefront: The Revolution
Lemme just say... the Doom live gameplay demo at Quakecon was beautiful. Had a cute little lag spike too... so imagine they aren't skimping on the hardware requirements either.
When Crytek loses a graphics engineer you know something bad is happening
ID was left in a hard position. Its hard to replace based Carmack.
not even a thousand graphics engineers are equal to one carmack
I wouldn't be so quick to think Carmack is hard to replace at this point in time. FPS games are a mature technology, everything about them from gameplay to multiplayer is standardized now. You don't need someone to reinvent the wheel. In fact I'd guess that's probably why he got bored and started getting into things like rockets and VR tech. Does anyone really think Id Tech 6 is going to be revolutionary? I bet it's just going to be an evolution of what they have now, and having Carmack around wouldn't have changed that.
I'm actually really glad Carmack joined Oculus VR. He was stagnating at id, so it's good to see him innovating again. Plus it shows that the tech has a shitton of potential.
[QUOTE=Gammashack;45463449]ID was left in a hard position. Its hard to replace based Carmack.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=layla;45463453]not even a thousand graphics engineers are equal to one carmack[/QUOTE] This guy is a good replacement, maybe the best they could've hoped for.
that was a huge [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/zBZtsSH.png[/IMG] to the entire Crytek team
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