• Brain Implant Helps Monkeys Type Shakespeare
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[url]http://www.seeker.com/brain-implant-helps-monkeys-type-shakespeare-2012365880.html?sf36666280=1&sf36807771=1[/url] [QUOTE]The new device could one day improve communication for people who are almost completely paralyzed.[/QUOTE]
[URL="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem"]I mean, if you have enough monkeys, at some point they will type up shakespeare[/URL] still cool though
That's the refference
[QUOTE=Chaitin;51105201][video=youtube;no_elVGGgW8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no_elVGGgW8[/video][/QUOTE] Ah, beat me to it.
call me when monkeys can wield rocket launchers and dual shotguns like in timesplitters :vs:
so I dont get what the implant is doing. it isn't giving them the cognitive abilities to understand the word like a monkey cpu is it? this line makes me think not [QUOTE] "What we cannot quantify is the cognitive load of figuring out what words you are trying to say," Nuyujukian said.[/QUOTE] so does it make their actions faster? like monkey ram?
[QUOTE=OneFourth;51106791] so does it make their actions faster? like monkey ram?[/QUOTE] Cercopithecidamd Nvidius
this shit is weird though [url]http://www.livescience.com/43443-monkey-brain-controls-another-monkey.html[/url]
I wonder how long until they do test it like avatar at least with the sense sending theses inputs via wireless.
[video]https://youtu.be/hCQ3FsyG88o[/video] Go easy on your ebe's To think thats something that has made ANY progress is amazing.
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