• "Well it can't be worse righ-Fuck this." ‘Prometheus 2′ Gets New Writer; Will Reportedly Open March
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[quote]Scott’s project is a mystery no longer and confirmed to be the sequel to his “Alien” prequel from 2012 starringNoomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. “Prometheus 2,” or whatever it will eventually be called, has also hired a new writer and apparently one that Scott likes. That would be [B]Michael Green, who wrote the “Green Lantern[/B]” but was also [URL="http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/blade-runner-sequel-continues-to-develop-with-a-new-writer-brought-on-board-20130531"]hired to write Scott’s “Blade Runner” prequel/sequel/[/URL]whatever it is in early 2013, so clearly he’s still in the director's good graces (which does bode well for the “Blade Runner” sequel). He’s been tasked to rewrite the first draft of “Prometheus 2” penned by Jack Paglen (“Transcendence”).[/quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Xogv6Dg.jpg[/img] Source: [url]http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/ridley-scotts-2016-mystery-project-is-revealed-as-prometheus-2-20140324[/url]
Oh god this doesn't bode well. The first movie sacked.
Ugh Green Lantern was [i]so[/i] bad
Well at least he's not that writer from LOST. That guy has a fetish for unanswered questions. Even if it was terrible exposition, Green Lantern explained things.
why is ridley making such bad decisions
Those spacesuits are so goofy looking.
Prometheus was pretty awesome so I trust ridley to pull it off.
[QUOTE=Azarath;44347374]Prometheus was pretty awesome so I trust ridley to pull it off.[/QUOTE] I wasn't aware that anyone actually liked Prometheus.
[QUOTE=HyperTails;44347214]Ugh Green Lantern was [i]so[/i] bad[/QUOTE] Actually it wasn't bad, prometheus on the other hand. Lost was and is overrated, it was a soap opera at best.
[QUOTE=Monkah;44347405][QUOTE=Azarath;44347374]Prometheus was pretty awesome so I trust ridley to pull it off.[/QUOTE] I wasn't aware that anyone actually liked Prometheus.[/QUOTE] it was a good ridley scott movie but the writer fucked a lot of things up that would've probably made the movie great as for this new writer I have no clue how the sequel's gonna turn out, but at least he won't confuse the shit outta the audience hopefully
[QUOTE=Rusty100;44347306]why is ridley making such bad decisions[/QUOTE]Adam Savage talked about this in the podcast he is part of not long after the movie came out. Roughly the way he put it is because Ridley Scott is a big name, like with Lucas. He has been surrounded with Yes-Men who will cater to and agree with every idea he throws out. The way he put it was that, if you have to fight tooth and nail for every thing you do, it means only the ones you are truly passionate about will get in, requiring you to actually put thought in to them and go "Is this something I really want? Is this really a good idea?" If no one is there to challenge you, then ever half-cocked idea gets thrown in and it becomes a mess. Basically, there was no one around to keep him in check and go "Hang on, this isn't a good idea."
[QUOTE=Monkah;44347405]I wasn't aware that anyone actually liked Prometheus.[/QUOTE] I was positively entertained for two hours watching it. Could I think of a better movie to watch? Sure, but I didn't regret I watched it or anything. It was a solid 'okay'. Which, y'know, might be less than you expect from a Ridley Scott movie, but still.
Prometheus was mixed. Technically, the movie was amazing and the directing was great. The script had problems though and Ridley went more for pacing than making the movies story run a little smoother than it was. I'm a little weary about this new movie, but I'm optimistic.
Prometheus was poop.
I hope this is good and I hope we get alot more details on why there trying to blow up earth.
[QUOTE=theevilldeadII;44347639]I hope this is good and I hope we get alot more details on why there trying to blow up earth.[/QUOTE] I think it was just that they saw the whole human race as weak and a failure of whatever evolutionary experiments they were going through. If anything, we need answers as to why they were doing those experiments.
I enjoyed Prometheus even if it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I certainly don't regret watching it.
Where's the pre-prequel? What the fuck was the shit that happened at the start? Explain that alien technology, eloquently. Fuck sake!
[QUOTE=anis;44347327]Those spacesuits are so goofy looking.[/QUOTE] So were the suits in the original. Its one of few things that they seemed to take from the original movies. Also, this movie was a Netflix kind of movie for me. Mostly a timewaster
Prometheus was both one of the best and one of the worst science fiction films I have ever seen. It had so many amazing moments, but as a whole it simply doesn't hold up. I [i]do[/i] know that Green Lantern saw a lot of writers, so hopefully this ends up being one of the better ones who just got fucked over by the system.
What was so bad about Prometheus? I've seen it and it was great.
prometheus had all the right parts to make a great movie, they just assembled it partially upside down ridley has always been at his best when he's letting other people make his movie for him. Here's hoping he gets a lot lazier for this one.
[QUOTE=Rusty100;44347306]why is ridley making such bad decisions[/QUOTE] I sat down to watch the counselor and roughly 3 minutes in I'd had enough. I'm thoroughly convinced everything ridley scott does with his career is a bi-product of unbelievable amounts of cocaine.
[QUOTE=uzikus;44348011]What was so bad about Prometheus? I've seen it and it was great.[/QUOTE] It had a great cast, great effects and design, and great ideas. Unfortunately it also had terrible direction, terrible production management, and some whiplash inducing off tone terrible scenes.
[QUOTE=Mech Bgum;44348068]Also biblical references in this movie are sooo cheap I just couldn't stand it. The only character that believed in God survived, right. Christian science fiction.[/QUOTE] to be fair the robot lived too sorta and i'm pretty sure the giger ubermench disproved christianity in universe anyway
Prometheus didn't nearly live up to Ridley's previous work, but it's damn better than pretty much everything sci-fi released lately. I loved Prometheus, the plot holes that be weren't nearly enough to ruin the experience for me, but I think we can all agree it's not Alien, or Bladerunner for that matter.
i think Half In the Bag put it best when they said that it's hard to tell if Prometheus is too smart for you or if you're too smart for it. buncha silliness is what it is [editline]25th March[/editline] i mean it's pretty clearly the latter but like 50% of the film is dedicated towards convincing you it's the former, and that's a terrible way to make movies no matter how you cut it
[QUOTE=uzikus;44348011]What was so bad about Prometheus? I've seen it and it was great.[/QUOTE] Because the people in the movie didn't act like fucking human beings. "Oh this is a new lifeform on a foreign planet, I better act like a fucking idiot around it and take no precautions! What could go wrong? There's no way it could be hostile."
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1YuvUQFJ0[/media] Prometheus had a huge amount amount of problems/issues/plotholes. It really makes me think that they they didn't read over the script before filming.
I... Liked prometheus This one is going to be terrible
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