• Gabe Newell, head of Valve Software, found dead in Bellevue home
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If Gabe actually died I think I would manly tears.
You ass.
heart skipped a beat there
Scared me. Fuck you OP. That was terribly put.
April fool's day was LAST month.
uhhh... right. You must be quite the intellect my here there little wee friend, Teehe, did you try to make a funny? :D Raoflmfishmomfao.... Ohhhhhh lordy, sillybwee wrabbityou see there buddyz nd-stuff-and-whatnot-and-babit*a nd such,you may habe just made a kind of digity? bigity ball the resturant, make dure. thwr I
[QUOTE=IceBlizzard;35815187]Heart skipped a beat there[/QUOTE]
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