• Counter-Strike for Kids: Extra Material
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Meh, it was decent.
"Im cooking porkchops"
damn, i did not know that commercial was so popular
Crackbone is a cool motherfucker
pretty good and pretty funny :D
this is not a real gun
I love the JS.
"counter-strike for kids" was such an awesome video
That was such a crappy commentary.
Old as hell, but pretty funny.
Wow. What a cool goat :v:
late beyond compare.
[QUOTE=Higginz511;18593641]Crackbone is a cool motherfucker[/QUOTE] Yeah, too bad i can't find his Steam ID. It's just a shitload of Crackbone impersonators.
You people are fucking retards, it isn't late. JS released an extended version of it this week.
'It's CT's Birthday today' Haha
Cool shit and all that...
Anyone who thinks this is late can't read.
I showed Counter-Strike for kids to my dad and he lol'd. He use to be a gamer himself.
Xanatos and STEV announced the extra video last week in the Janus Syndicate's Steam chat, it isn't late.
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