• Kim Jong Un is officially confirmed just as great as his Father...... At looking at things.
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[QUOTE=RetTurtl3;34316255]I want to try Korean food I wonder what's like, yummy, yummy get in my tummy, not fish just curry, chocolate ect. :v:[/QUOTE] Which korea?
haha i love how they probably just do all this to make it look like the glorious leader has official business to do and he's not just a puppet, but making him inspect random shit and go "lol cool" is all they can think to do with him.
[IMG]http://cache.kotaku.com/assets/images/9/2012/01/xlarge_5a9c339a021a89f76d8d864edc14c038.jpg[/IMG] You-You mean i can eat all of this?
Too bad he's just a puppet for the military leaders. He doesn't look like an evil guy to me. Sadly he'll probably be taught how to be a bad leader.
I think that Kim Jong Un is a pretty cool guy. Plays video games all day and doesnt afraid of anything
so kim jong-un is a weaboo and a nerd who plays starcraft 2
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