• Cardboard Tube Fighting League Started in Brooklyn
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[quote]They beat the cardboard out of one another in Brooklyn Sunday - and it wasn't pretty. Combatants dressed like cartoon characters and knights in shining cardboard crossed tubes in Williamsburg's McCarren Park. "No poking, no stabbing, no aiming for the head," instructed Ravin Pierre, 27, of the Seattle-based Cardboard Tube Fighting League. Still, it wasn't exactly an epic of good sportsmanship. Joe Conklin, 28, of the upper East Side, wore a Chiquita banana box - or, as he put it, an "Aztec/Samurai-inspired helmet" - to beat a knight and dragon to a pulp. "My strategy was to let the two players focus on each other, then go in for cheap shots," he said. Ninja turtle Jeremy Westphal, 29, of Bushwick, won a hard-fought match against Josh Hager, 29, of Massachusetts, who dressed as the villain Shredder. "He knocked my helmet off," Westphal said. "That's when I went into a berserk-o rage."[/quote] [img]http://assets.nydailynews.com/img/2009/07/13/alg_cardboard-fighting.jpg[/img] [url=http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/brooklyn/2009/07/13/2009-07-13_cardboard_combat_all_the_rage_at_brooklyns_mccarren_park.html]Source[/url]
Fucking Awesome
Well that's just ridiculous
If the guy who had his helmet knocked off was the dude of the left I can see why he would. God damn it I mean right.
Damn, I would so do this.
Seen this ages ago, probably some other guys, but it looked exactly the same.
Amazingly stupid, but looks awesome fun. I'd do it. It must takes ages getting all the cardboard, shaping it and painting it into armour. Well, it's one way to spend the summer.
Holy crap, next time i'm up there, i'll give this a try.
This looks so fun. I might try to do that with my friends some day.
The first rule of cardboard tube fighting league is not to talk about cardboard tube fighting league. I sure as hell wouldn't, how fucking embarrassing. "Hey man, whats up?" "Not much, just brushing up on my cardboard tube fighting technique"
he went berserk-o-rage
Damn, not berserk-o rage.
If I had cardboard tube fighting armor I would want it to look like Tyrael's from Diablo II, the little wing thingies can be made from toilet paper.
How do you win? Knock the opponent unconscious?
LARPers, lol c'mon, everyone knows you want to try it.
that's amazing
Beserko rage
Im from Brooklyn, we are fucking awesome.
Something else for the virgins of the world to unite at.
It's like pinatas, but backwards.
This is so incredibly win, we need a league in the UK D:
My brother stands ready [img]http://i33.tinypic.com/3509zz6.jpg[/img]
Guy on the right almost looks like a Elite from Halo. o_o
[QUOTE=tepholman;16082268]Guy on the right almost looks like a Elite from Halo. o_o[/QUOTE] That's because he IS an Elite. In secret.
[QUOTE=Craptasket;16081983]My brother stands ready [img]http://i33.tinypic.com/3509zz6.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] Paint it green, and we will have awesome
That would be fun for the sake of making goofy cardboard costumes.
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